Saturday, June 22, 2013

St Louis and Peanut Camp

Yesterday Jasmine and I went to Six Flags in St. Louis. We are not the best ones to be at this park because most of the rides are roller coasters and other rides that go upside down or have large drops. It's probably my age, but I get headaches too easily to do those rides, not that I'd want to be upside down anyway, and Jasmine just doesn't like them. But we found enough else to do.  

We did the Scooby Doo ride, two water rides on which we got drenched, and several others.  We went to two shows also. 

Here we are, brave adventurers on the train. They had a water park but it was a very hot day, and the water park was wall to wall people, so we decided it wouldn't be worth it.
Today we went to Grants Farm. It was packed too.

Feeding the goats is my favorite part.

We bought the fun pass that includes two bottles for the goats, a carousel ride and a snocone.

I don't actually like snocones, but I sucked the banana syrup out of it :)

We left when it started raining hard. It turned into a big storm after we got back to the hotel, and we had no electricity for two hours.

They posted  more camp photos, but there were none of  Kaleb. The photographer must be on Kayla's team and just take pictures of the other teams when she can get away. Or at least she certainly favors Kayla's team.
It looks like they took the kids to sing somewhere.

This is probably when they are taping the team presentation for the DVD.

Tonight is the commissioning when the first group of older kids is sent out to their countries. The little kids commission to go home and spread the good news. Rick, Jessica and Adam are there for it and to bring the twins home.

Jessica has had to deal with too much stuff at home while I've been gone. Some are taking advantage of me being gone either to do whatever they want and come in way too late or to do nothing and let Jessica do it all. Sometimes when I'm gone nothing gets done unless she does it :(  I will have to do something special for her when I get back. Other people are going to face the consequences of some things that happened while I was gone. But at least with her there, I know things will be taken care of. 

She will be home alone for a week while the rest head up to Indiana, and I think she is looking forward to a break from dealing with people. 

Book convention kicks off tomorrow night with the worship service and the music showcase.

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