Sunday, June 29, 2014

Atlanta Day 5 and 6

On Tuesday we went back to ICRS for more book signings and to see more authors.
If you read Christian romance, check out Rachel Hauck--The Wedding Dress, Once Upon a Prince, Princesses Ever After

with baseball player Darrel Strawberry

If you're looking for a summer read try Robin Caroll's Injustice for All or Deliver Us from Evil, the first books in two different series.

Jasmine with KB and Lacrae

Jasmine with Colton Dixon

Jasmine with Karen Kingsbury, her husband Don Russell and daughter Kelsey.

Jasmine was singing for them, but there was LOUD music playing in the background, so I'm not sure how she kept on tune.

with Ted Dekker

With Hannah Alexander. Hannah Alexander is a made up name for a husband/wife writing team. She was there alone signing their newest book Hallowed Halls.

With Christian comedian Anita Renfroe. We are the same age, and she does a lot about middle age and life changes. She's right on target on with her humor.

This picture is from Jasmine's camera and is of the author's boot camp on Sunday.

with Torry Martin on Sunday on the way to the opening event
Wednesday was the last day of ICRS, and it closed at 3. It's pretty quiet on the floor that day. Most of the signings are on Monday and Tuesday. There are usually just a few less known authors signing on Wednesday, and a lot of people have gone home. That's why I was surprised they had the God's Not Dead actors signing the DVD on Wednesday.

We met a teen author at the Zondervan booth.

We said goodbye to a lot of people we won't see again until next year's ICRS, assuming we are able to go. Until then, we follow them on facebook.

We left before noon and headed to the Atlanta Zoo. Easier said than done since one of the streets on my directions was nowhere to be found. I called Rick and he pulled up a map and talked me there. That even had challenges as some of the streets had been renamed. But he's my hero, and he got me there. I'll post the zoo pictures next time.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Atlanta Day 4

Monday was the opening day for the ICRS floor. That meant the start of book signings at publishing house booths, and book store owners could place orders and get special show deals.

Author Robin Caroll. She writes suspense and also has a preteen series in print now.

Jasmine singing to Robin.

Jasmine getting a JJ Weeks Band CD signed.

Jasmine with Robin Jones Gunn who writes womens' fiction and who also wrote the Christy Miller teen series.

Brandilyn Collins who writes suspense. Her books are some of my favorites especially Deceit, Exposure and Dark Pursuit.

Jasmine with Travis Thrasher who has a new teen series.

Children's author

Melody Carlson, womens' fiction and teen fiction

Susan May Warren, womens' fiction, romance, historical fiction

with Karen Kingsbury, one of our favorite people, "Queen of Christian fiction"

After the floor closed, we walked over to Peachtree Center to the food court and to see if Insurgent was still filming. 

It was, and it was the last night for filming. They filmed most of the night. We could hear gunshots from our hotel room. They were gone the next day. A lot of movies film in Atlanta. Hunger Games Catching Fire had scenes shot in Atlanta and so does Mocking Jay part 1. Some of it was filmed in the Georgia World Congress Center where ICRS is being held.

It was really nice seeing a lot of author friends that I only see in person once a year at ICRS.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Atlanta Day 3

Sunday was our third day in Atlanta. It was the official start of ICRS (International Christian Retail Show).

For me, it started with author boot camp from 8:00-12:30. Jasmine hung out, played DS, watched a movie on the portable DVD player and read not far from where I was at.
Angie Hunt was the keynote speaker for the author bootcamp. She writes womens' fiction and her tagline is "Expect  the Unexpected." Check her out online. 

Later in the afternoon I had a table in the kids' section at Change a Life Festival. Anita Renfroe was there along with the Peter Furler band and some other people. We couldn't really tell what all was going on from the children's area in the back.

My table set up

My toys for the occupations of Bible authors game, with Karen Whiting and her daughter Rebecca White who cowrote "Nature Girl."

Jasmine helping girls make friendship pins. It's a craft from Christian Girl's Guide to the Bible.

Putting the books of the Bible blocks in order.

The opening service took place after that. The Peter Furler band lead worship, and Kyle Idleman spoke. Jasmine and I actually walked over to the CNN food court to get something to eat during that. Things got way behind, and the 7:30 program we went to started at 9:00!
Anita Renfroe hosted the Celebration Showcase.

Amber Nelon Thompson sang.

The JJ Weeks band performed and so did Tasha Cobbs.

Alan Robertson introduced his dad, Phil Robertson.

We left during his message because it was already 10:30 and we were walking back to the hotel and also had to be up early. Aaron Shust sang after we left.

Atlanta at night

The Ferris Wheel changed colors. This is my favorite.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Atlanta Day 2

The Fountains at Centennial Olympic Park

In front of The World of Coke

The World of Coke

With the Coke bear. This was a person in costume. He had Jasmine's hat in his mouth at first.

Tasting Coke from different countries.

I was part of a panel of children's authors for an event.

Sharing with bookstore owners about children's books.

Signing my Bible Trivia devo.

After the book event we went on the inside CNN tour. They have an eight story high escalator.

They have been filming Insurgent (the second Divergent movie) in Atlanta. They zip lined from the top of one building to the other.
the black blobs on the edge are the zip liners. Of course the camera I had with me didn't have a card in it because I'd left it in my laptop after downloading pictures!! Arg. Of all the time to have a good camera and not be able to use it!!!

Six zip liners taken on phone. This was after 9 pm so obviously a night scene. We all stood there over half an hour (some people way longer than that) to see a ten second scene!!

So that was day 2.