Thursday, February 21, 2019

It;s a Whole New World

It really is. And a world without Internet or phone service right now. We moved within Bay County, but about 30 minutes from our old house. From a lower class area to the better area. Which means things are more expensive. But we are living in a house that still has ceilings and a roof and is mold free. At one time it was the former mayors' house. I guess she lived there until she was 92.

We've only been in the house since Monday, so we are still trying to find our stride. The care and keeping of four dogs and three cats, two of whom appear to be quite pregnant, has been a challenge. We are trying to keep them out of bedrooms at this house. In the last house, the main areas were carpeted and the bedrooms were tile. In the new house, the bedrooms are carpeted, kitchen is tiled, and the rest is hardwood.

These are our "before" photos. Everything is either white, off white or very light pink except our bathroom which is very light green. 

Dining room, which will be our main room. I splurged on a 5x5 square table with a rotating center, six chairs and a bench!! Not sure what the rotating center is for, but for us it's so everyone can get a look at the Dixit cards.

My office

Kaleb's room

Kayla's room

Kids' bathroom

Jasmine's room. The picture went to Adam's house in GA because he has a western theme.

Other view of Jasmine's room. She took the mirror down. She collects keys, sock monkeys and dream catchers.

Master bedroom. Less than half the size of our old one. Old bedroom also had a huge bathroom and walk in closet.

Master bathroom. 

Master closets. This house has very little storage. The water heater is in what should be a hall closet for towels and such. The indoor AC unit is in what should be Kaleb's closet.
 I guess I did not take photos of the large laundry room, which will be Ty's area, and the front room, which was previously used more as an entry room than a living room. For us it will be the living room.
Jasmine and I were messing around taking pictures. This is one of our new chairs.

Next post I'll have more football photos, Jasmine's 18th birthday, Tara's baby and the start of us adding color to the house! And hopefully newborn kitten photos.Hard not knowing the due date. Could be tonight. Could be in two weeks, Who knows? Maybe both. We think both of the abandoned cats we took in are pregnant. I had their spay appointments set, but felt uneasy about it because I thought they might be pregnant. So the surgery will take place after the babies are born. One lady suggested that I go ahead and get them spayed anyway as that would take care of the kitten problem!!!! I could not think of one thing to say that would have sounded even vaguely polite.

So check back soon for updates on the house, kids and cats.

Monday, February 11, 2019

First Flag Football Game

The twins are playing in a free flag football league. No practices, only Saturday games. So only an hour a week commitment. It was pretty fun to watch, and they had a blast.

Kaleb made a touchdown, and Kayla got the ball about a yard from the goal, but she turned and ran the wrong way!!! She may have a hard time living that one down!