Monday, June 29, 2009

Stone Mountain

On the sky hike.

The girls did levels one and two and skipped three. Next time.

On the train. It was not very exciting.

On top of Stone Mountain.

Making sure to get every bit of the vanilla/peanutbutter/chocolate fudge.

On the paddle boat.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Jessica looking at the map at Centennial Olympic Park.


In the olympic ring fountain

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This and That

The "new" car. And just when we had no more car payments.

The teens at Ty's church had a water day. Note the big slide in the background.

Jasmine helps prime Adam's room for painting.

Adam with his team at TMI.

Tomorrow Jasmine and I head to Macon. Jessica's final performance at music camp is Saturday a.m. After lunch and misc, we head to Atlanta to the Centenial Olympic park area. Sunday it's off to Stone Mountain (maybe), and possibly to the Coke place before we head home on Monday. Nothing is for certain yet.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last Weekend

Remember that the plan was for Rick to leave Saturday morning and take Adam south to Merritt Island to mission camp. The girls and I would be heading north to Valdosta and on to Macon the next day for Jessica's music camp. Rick had been having a lot of trouble with the van--it has 285,000 miles on it.

Rick and Adam left about 6:10 a.m. The girls and I didn't leave until about 7:30. Both Rick and I had to go north and then east before we headed our separate directions. That's the fun of living in the panhandle. You can't just drive south east because there is an ocean in the way. Anyway, we drove the hour north and then got on the major highway east. Just as we got on it, I saw Rick standing by the high way but no sign of the van. He was just standing there! So I pulled over. Jessica didn't see him and thought I pulled over because something was wrong with the SUV. Turns out the van had died but Rick had gotten it off on an exit, left the van and Adam and had gotten a ride back to the highway so he could watch for me. He'd been standing there an hour.

We got the car towed to a service station and found out that the engine was dead. No real surprise. There were no rental cars in that city or nearby so we drove on to the next large city and got Rick a rental car so he could get Adam to camp and pick Ty up at the airport.

We went and ate at a mall food court before we went our own way. Rick got into a lot of construction so ended up not taking Adam to camp Saturday. They picked Ty up at 10:30 at the Orlando airport and then dropped Adam off Sunday a.m.


They bring their stuff in a card board box and are given large duffel bags. Adam was suppose to be on the Haiti team but didn't raise enough money and is on the home team in FL instead.
The girls and I had lost our enthusiasm for Wild Adventure by then so found Build a Bear at the mall and got sunglasses for our animals.

We got a hotel and hung out in the pool.
The next day we went to Wild Adventures for a few hours.

This is the most awesome water ride! You go down the green/blue tunnel. It doesn't look like much of a drop into the big cone part but it feels like it from the inside. You fly way up, back and forth in the cone. It feels like you are going to go clear around in a circle but obviously you don't.

We dropped Jessica at music camp (see post below)
Jasmine and I got a hotel for the night.

Jasmine and I stopped by Wild Adventures for a couple hours on our way home

Monday, June 22, 2009

To my Jessi Bear

Dear Jessi Bear--
This week you are at band camp at a college hours from home and I fear this is a taste of how life will be in just 14 short months from now when college life will be a reality.

The first moments I held you in the maternity ward, I didn't think I could possibly love you more but time has proven me wrong.

Lately the walk toward adulthood has turned into a sprint and I'm not sure I can keep up, but now and always I'll be cheering from the sidelines.
I'm proud of all you are becoming. Sprint with Jesus, Jessi Bear, because He has an awesome plan for your life.

Love, Mom

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pray for

Adam who leaves Sat a.m. for seven weeks at TMI but has shingles. Didn't know kids could get it. This is what his back looks like.
He also has a lot of internal discomfort under his ribs. It is all on one side. He has doctor's clearance to go to camp as planned and has meds but he may be uncomfortable the first few days. My mom also has shingles but it is much more serious with her. She is in a lot of pain and having trouble functioning day to day. She also has kidney issues and a hip that was broken years ago but never healed well. It just seems weird that both my mom and Adam have shingles at this time. His should quickly heal though.

Thursday, June 18, 2009