Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Reading

The three youngest are reading through Just for Me: My Family. On the cover it says for girls 6-9. I disagree with that. It's for a younger age than that. (They took out all my harder activities.) Maybe kindergarten through second grades. Or older if they are new to your family or delayed. No matter what age it's best for, I'm doing it with a 9-year-old boy, a 9-year-old girl and a 13-year-old girl because the activities are geared for families and fun for everyone.

We've gotten a slow start due to physical therapy, band camp, hip hop, tumbling and gymnastics as well as other adventures and activities. 

We started it one evening after we were done with everything else.

He doesn't care that it's suppose to be for girls. (He knows there are activities with food coming up!)

The first activity was a family tree. Although it doesn't say to do this in the book (it was cut), we added roots and wrote birth parent names on them. The twins know both birth parent names although their mother died when they were quite young. Jasmine knows her mom's name, so that's what they wrote.

Doing the family tree gave us a chance to talk again about the importance of birth parents and how the kids got their looks and talents from their birth parents, and that we are building on those talents.

If you look closely, you can see the names on the roots.

We only went back as far as grandparents for now.

Our next activity was an indoor bowling game. 
The best part was that everyone worked together to make it.
And they all got along!


Even though they've bowled for real, they enjoyed this simple indoor game. Maybe because they made it themselves.

You can follow us as we read through the book and see more about how we made the bowling game on my other BLOG.
If you have girls ages 5-8, please join us in reading through the book and doing the activities. It's especially good for families who have foster or adopted children. And encourage the boys to join in on the activities. One activity per chapter is a whole family activity. The bigger ones can help the younger ones. Even though the book itself doesn't deal with a lot of issues, it's a way to start those discussions with your children. And it affirms non traditional families. Join us.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Kayaking with the Dogs

I'm so far behind on blogging! I'll try to cover the rest of what we did while Ty David was here.
His eyes look so blue in this picture.

Getting ready to go eat with a family from church. The boys weren't ready yet. 

First time for the huskies to go kayaking.

The other dogs have done it at least twice before.

The huskies are a lapful! Snowflake looks a lot more relaxed than Rick does!

Travis loves it.

He likes to jump off and swim for shore.

This is a selfie I took while Jessica chased Snowflake who slip her harness.


Rick and I took Jasmine out a day early for her 10th adoption anniversary. Her adoption day was July 14, 2004. She was almost 3 1/2 by then. 

I bought her the necklace and watch she is wearing. I also bought her the shirt because hers had somehow gotten dirty while we were out. We hadn't originally planned to go out to eat this night (same day as the kayak trip), just buy the necklace. But once we decided to go to Chilis, we called Rick to meet us there, and I bought Jasmine a shirt to change into.

This is the next morning as she and Jessica were getting ready to take Ty to the airport.

Ready to go to the airport.

Unfortunately Jessica drove right by the airport without realizing it, and by time she did realize it and drove back, the plane had loaded.  He could have still gone, but it was too late for his luggage. There was another plane going to Atlanta  90 minutes later, so he took that. And then caught his flight to Nashville.

The Job Corp people drove down to pick all the kids up. It's a couple of hours, but I guess it's the best place for them to fly out of. There isn't much near them in KY.

Ty is doing really well at Job Corps. He's doing  his computer tech training, and he's the recreation room supervisor. He's also a leader in his bay. Job Corps has its problems, but it works for some kids. Especially kids that you aren't sure what to do with. Ty's smart enough, but couldn't handle the rigors of college. He wanted to go into the USAF but was turned down because of his aspergers. If you have a child like that, you might want to check out Job Corps.

Anyone else have kids who went to Job Corps?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ty's Hair

Ty David definitely has my hair. 

He also likes to go to Comic Con, Dragon Con etc. which is where "geeky" people get together dressed up as their favorite anime, cartoon or comic characters. This is a costume Ty put together a couple of years ago. He really got into this--painting the boots, painting the helmet, making the shoulder piece, shopping thrift stores for the clothing etc. 

This is the one he's working on now. So I volunteered to turn his hair "yellow." I talked to the lady who does my hair, and she gave me what I needed. She also warned that since he has my hair, it could go copper instead of yellow.
So here we are working some magic on his hair.

And here he is with copper hair! We all actually liked this color, but it wasn't what he needed to be the character he wanted to be.

Still, I think it's cool looking.

He went to talk to my hair person, and she took the copper out.

So now he's authentic.

If you compare this to the original photo of who he's trying to be, he did pretty well. He painted soccer shin guards for the arm pieces and he's even wearing the necklace and pocket chain although you can't see the pocket one.

Just one more adventure with my first born!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Celebrating Early

Ty David will be 24 on the 23rd, but he won't be here. So we celebrated on Monday.

He had some problems with the last three candles.

The 7th is also my half birthday, and the birthday we assigned Scrappy. We gave him this birthday, because it's Max's real birthday and they are near the same age. Both are 15 now.

We got Max as a newborn so we know his birthday.

Monday afternoon we drove to a climbing gym. We haven't been to it in years. But everyone enjoyed it, so we might go again in a couple of months. I just wish it was closer.

We did bouldering, which is climbing without ropes. You are only allowed to go twice your height.

Playing follow the leader. Yeah, Jasmine is higher than twice her height. We had to keep reminding them.

With bouldering you go sideways more than up.

It was $14 a person for the day which included climbing shoes. We didn't actually pay $14 though because the three littles got a $10 kids rate and Ty and Jess got a $12 student rate. I paid for everyone this time to celebrate Ty's bd. Adam had to work. He works all the time so he misses a lot. Jess is working 40-45 hours weeks also.

I got my books in the mail so we are going to be reading this book together starting Monday. (Yes, I have to buy copies of my own book). The book is for girls, but the contents are relevant to any kids 5-8 or so.
Join us in reading through it. Details Here