Wednesday, August 23, 2017

At the Bay

It is really hot in our shop, so I decided I wanted to swim once we closed the shop Sunday evening. But there are no pools, so we decided to swim in the bay. This is not usually done. I think only our family actually swims there. And Kaleb and I were the only ones who swam. We swam over to where you see the trees and back.

 He did great, so I asked him why he'd said he hated swim team when he is a very capable (although very unfocused) swimmer. He decided to try it for another year.
We took two of the dogs to the bay with us to cook out.
The top three pictures were actually taken after the ones below as you can tell by the setting sun.

 Jasmine is trying out a camera we got a second hand store for 50 cents. It works!

Now that school has started, schedules are already crazy, so we carve out time together when and where we can.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Back to School!

Two in 7th and one junior. Three children, three schools.

Jasmine has a much better schedule than we expected this year. She has anatomy and physiology instead of chemistry, and she has behind the scenes theater class and drama class. She is not in band this year, and for some reason they didn't put her in Spanish 2. I guess she'll take that next year. Geometry will probably be a challenge for her. English 3 and American history will be okay if she stays up to date on her work. We had expected her to repeat English 2 as she had falled it, but she was also part of a credit recovery class, so perhaps that took care of it. And I'm thinking that although she failed Alg 1 twice, she did pass the first semester both times, so perhaps that counted that as a full credit.

We don't have her schedule yet, but there is a possible school change in her future. 

Kaleb has to talk to his guidance counselor because he got dropped out of band. We don't know if it's because he didn't indicate he wanted band or his teacher truly was not willing to put  up with the same drama this year. He will have to find out. He has a standard 7th grade curriculum that includes exploring careers.
I have given up the trying to make everyone smile game. I am tired of attitude, so if a child wants to flaunt the attitude, bring it on.
Fully loaded, ready to go.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hanging Out at the Beach

Trying to get a little sun before we have to go back to school on Thursday.

Jasmine looks upset, but really she is just concentrating.

 If the weather holds, we are driving to the springs a couple of hours away tomorrow. We, however, are involved in a family empowerment program now due to a child venting, so we have to work around that. The program was optional, but new strategies never hurt. Funny because one lady wrote down a couple things we do that she wants to try with her kids. And a couple of time the two ladies looked at each other and whispered, "Why are we here again?" 

I think we are going to have a good time with them, and hopefully the struggling child will find her way. But it all goes back to the choices she made which landed her in teen court which meant she couldn't play Saturday soccer this season as planned. And that was so awful she didn't think she could cope with life. If that is the worst thing that ever happens in her, then she will be blessed.

How many days until school starts? Thursday for us.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Jasmine at the Park

Here are the last of the park pictures.

Here is why we don't have many pictures of all three together.

 Here is the one of all three that was successful--sort of:

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kaleb at the Park

Kaleb at the park. Which do you like best?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Lots going on I can't post about, so I'll post some photos I took of Kayla in the park recently. Which is your favorite?

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer is Winding Down

The twins are home from camp. 

Here are a few photos.

Although we together packed at least 12 nice shirts, I've noticed she is wearing a man's white T shirt in many pictures.

Kaleb across the fire crouching

Kayla in red helmet. There are no bike pictures of Kaleb

Jasmine took part in several library events for teens including a Star Wars vs Star Trek day in which she actually made the news, Harry Potter Day for the whole family, and the teen talent show.

I had Jasmine take a picture of me sticking my tongue out which I sent to Rick, only I hit a wrong number so some poor person had a nasty surprise. LOL. I was trying to look crazed like Sirius Black.

We've been busy moving our shop, and it is pretty trashed right now, but we celebrated Ty's birthday there.

I bought about $30 of taco bell because I'd expected Hunter, Adam, Tara, and Cici and none of them came.


The babies are getting big!