Friday, August 29, 2014

A Slow Week

This has been a pretty slow week as we are still settling into the school routine. Bus schedules keep changing as the school district tries to get things running more smoothly and not have children picked up at 5:45!

Right now the only after school activities are tumbling and gymnastics for Kaleb and gymnastics for Kayla, but after Labor Day Jasmine will start County Christian Youth Choir on Mondays. She isn't sure if she'll like it or not, so we're just going to give it a try. She'll also have church choir Sunday afternoons, hip hop class on Wednesday afternoons (followed by youth group if she isn't loaded down with homework) and marching band Thursday after school. We need to get drum lessons scheduled back in, but I want to see how she does with these other activities first. She was going to take jazz to because it was back to back with hip hop, but they changed days and it no longer works out.

Sasha went to our vet for the first time. She needed her last baby shot. She is 6.6 pounds. We were told she was a dachshund mix, but the vets say he doesn't see that in her. He said a chihuahua or rat terrier mix.

Travis rode along to keep her company. He's an old pro at the vet. He weighs 12.9 pounds. He used to seem really small to me, but now compared to Sasha, he seems big!

I was hoping Sasha would get bigger, and if she was part Dachshund, she probably would. But being a chihuahua mix, she probably won't get much bigger. It makes me nervous having a dog that small. I'm afraid she's going to get squashed.
First taco day for Sasha.

We started addressing wedding invitations this week. 
I addressed, and Jessica put the invitations and response cards in the envelopes.

My new book came. If your girls are reading through Just for Me: My Family with us, I will send them a copy. Be sure to send me a photo of your daughter with her copy of My Family and a mailing address. I'm getting the bag ready to go out also.

I am putting together a list of the best Christian books for preteen girls-devotion books, non fiction and fiction. If there are some books you've found helpful or fun, leave me a message on this post.

We want to take the jet ski and kayaks out on Labor Day, but we are forecast for rain. How about you?

Who has the most teacher calls or notes home so far? :) Thankfully, we have a much better start this year than in some previous years.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Our Week

I really wasn't ready for summer vacation to be over. I do not like getting up at 5. And we have one bus that comes at 5:47 a.m.! That is just crazy. It transfers at another school at 6:20 before going on to the girls' school, so Rick has been dropping them at the 6:20 drop. Their afternoon bus hasn't been getting to the transfer point until 4:00 and that is crazy too!

Kaleb is at a different school, and his morning bus picks up two blocks away at 6:24 and drops off at 2:00, so I have more time with him than the girls.

Here is the difference between cats and dogs. All the dogs meet the kids at the gate, jumping up and down with excitement.

The cats couldn't care less.

Sasha, puppy in top picture, is much smaller than the cat in the above picture, but due to their coloring, I have mistaken the puppy for the cat more than once. The puppy also has silky soft fur like a cat!

Travis has finally decided to play with her. I always thought Travis was so small, but now he looks big in comparison.

Adam is playing soccer on a local church team.  He starts college tomorrow and continues with his Marine Reserve training one weekend a month.

I rarely see him without his friend Ishmael, who also starts college tomorrow, and his girlfriend Daja, who is a high school senior.

 Tyler sent pictures of the Job Corps group at a local amusement park.
He is doing well there and has made a lot of friends. Job Corps has been a positive experience for him, although it's not for everyone.
So, like it or not, we are into a new school year. Kaleb is continuing with Tumbling and gymnastics, and Kayla with gymnastics. Jasmine will start hip hop and jazz classes after Labor Day and also after school marching band practice one day a week. She may try out for the county Christian choir. We will have to see how it all goes. I don't want her overwhelmed with activities. The girls have way more homework at their school than Kaleb does at his.

Is everyone else into a new school year now?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jessica's Birthday, Shelter Dogs, Last Day of Freedom, First Day of School

Jessica's birthday was August 14. Hunter, his mom, niece and another relative (I think) came over.

A friend gave me this birthday plate many years ago.

Hunter and his mom with Jessica

We went to a shelter 45 minutes away and took three dogs kayaking. One of them as the little black chihuahua mix we took last time. The other two (one was his mom) were adopted. We took his sister and a little dachshund mix this time.

Three shelter dogs plus Travis and Caspian.

Travis came from this shelter, so they are always glad to see him again. He's an old pro at kayaking now.

Marley, his sister and some other puppies are being transferred to another county where they have mostly pit bulls, and people want puppies.

This is Sasha. We wanted to meet her as a possible playmate for Travis. She was recently spayed so couldn't swim.

Official adoption picture. Sasha will be shared by the three youngest.

Home. She's six months old and six pounds. She a dachshund mix--maybe rat terrier or chihuahua.

She is a bit hyper, so I'm glad she's so small. She has silky soft fur like a cat!

Yesterday was our last day of freedom, so we went back over to the state park 45 minutes away. It rained on the way, then cleared. 

 I forgot to pack any silverware, so we shared Jessica's dive knife!

I bought her a short wet suit as one of her birthday presents. It wasn't cold enough to need it, but she wanted to try it out. 

Then we went to Chill's for frozen yogurt.

First day of school--Eighth grade and fourth grade. Adam and Jessica start next week.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Water Fun, Skating and Candy Tic Tac Toe

School starts next Tuesday, and we are trying to get in as much fun as we can before then!
First time at this beach this summer. It's a ways over and it's a state park so costs $8. But it's a beautiful area, and I was able to use my snorkel gear and see some amazing fish. Jessica didn't have her underwater camera. I want to go back, but it would have to be Monday and it's 60% chance of rain.

I grilled while the others took the stuff to get a spot on the beach.

My kids are good beach bums.

On the jetties

We made it to cheap skate a few nights this summer. Kayla went twice, Kaleb once, Jasmine four times and me three times and Jessica twice. We had to work around other activities.

Kaleb spent a lot of time on the floor! 

Jessica came straight from work for the last hour.

We're still working on Just for Me: My Family activities. You can follow that HERE
Candy tic tac toe was a favorite. And if you don't eat sugar, you can use fruit or vegetables! Just use dry spaghetti for the board.

Tune in next for Jessica's birthday!