Thursday, June 20, 2013

Camp and Road Trip

Jasmine and I are in St Louis after two long days. Today shouldn't have been bad but I 24W is under construction so we spent a couple of hours going between 5 mph and 15 mph!!

We got settled in our hotel, and then headed out to sight see this evening. We are actually staying in IL not  MO.

This was not worth the price at all. We rode up and down the block on the river front once for $30. I thought we were going to tour the park.

Jasmine really wanted to go up in the arch, so we did.

The stadium from the park. Yeah, we got in that traffic.

Jasmine trying to look scared.

I have more camp photos. For some reason there are lots of Kayla's team and only a few of the other teams. I wonder if it's one of Kayla's leaders taking all the pictures?

Building sidewalks. They combined the teams who were to build the sidewalks and plant the flowers into one team.  Must have been two small teams.

They learn good skills plus how to follow instructions and work as a team.

Here's the only one of Kaleb. I e-mailed that he was supposed to wear his glasses at all times and they told me he was. Hmmm. He is sneaky.

Yay. They retook Kaleb's team picture. I suggested that they do since the other one was half in shadow and the kids get an 8x10 to keep.

Obstacle course. Just wait until she graduates to preteens and sees that obstacle course. This one is no challenge for her.

Finding Noah's animals.
Tomorrow Jasmine and I are headed out the Six Flags--if I find the envelope with the tickets!! And directions.

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