Friday, December 28, 2007

Wild Adventure/bouldering

Swamp Thing

Train ride

Ty on bug out.

Jessica on Pharoah's Fury.

Bouldering--anything done without a rope. You can only go twice your height without the ropes.

Ty changes to rock climbing shoes.

Tyler has found his sport!

Jessica climbing.

What a little monkey.

Jasmine climbs just like Spiderman!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Last Shots of the Day...

...and we're off to take Jeff back tomorrow and on to Wild Adventures.

New clothes. Dance clothes for Jessica.



Jasmine has some growing to do!

Birthday cake for Jesus (look back to find out why we bought it)

Spiderman 3 Sorry. I won.

Christmas Eve and Day (so far)

Tyler, Kathryn, Jessica

Jessica and Kathryn

Tyler and Kathryn-she gave him the shirt for Christmas.



Gifts from Aunt Lou

Gifts from Grandma Sims

Gifts from Uncle Ken

Gifts from Grandpa and Grandma Cassel

Gifts from us to the kids.

Playing Jasmine's Pet Shop game from Grandma.