Saturday, May 29, 2010


Tyler is my firstborn, and life has been a bit of a struggle for him from the start. My mom blames his condition on getting shots with mercury in them, but I don't know. There is no way to know. One knowledgable doctor said it could have been the shots along with some other pre extisting factors.

Tyler's delays in large and fine motor skills, muscle weakness, poor coordination and language skills showed up early. He wasn't given any particular diagnosis. I remember asking if he could have aspergers syndrome when he was only four-years-old. I was told no. I asked that question repeatedly until he was 15 and the right person was listening. He went to someone who really knows his stuff and there was no doubt in his mind that Ty has aspergers. I have to say though that Tyler is not at all like the character in the movie "Adam." That man had some other issues going on. I wish someone would have listened earlier because there's a lot of early socialization stuff they can do with asperger's kids. He is also ADHD. He did attend a really good early intervention program where he got help with both his language and motor skills.

Tyler was born in ND, then when he was 15 mo old, we lived in Okinawa for only 9 months. We were sent back to get help for Ty.

Rick was station in SD from the time Tyler was two until he was five. There were a lot of cool things to do with kids during the summer. Summer lasted about ten days!! Okay, maybe a little more than that. From SD we went to England.

We spent three days in France when Rick was stationed in England. We went to Euro Disney. (We went to Tokyo Disney right after Ty turned two.) From England we went to Georgia.

We let Ty play any sport he had an interest in. Even though his poor coordination and muscle weakness keep him from exceling, he had fun with sports up until the point that it became competitive.

Tyler's asperger's didn't affect his ability to learn at all. He's quite smart. However, social skills and coping skills aren't his strengths so school was difficult for that reason.

Tyler's strengths lie in technology. He's majoring in digital design in college.

Even though sports aren't Ty's strong point, he is certified in scuba and he has found a new challenge. See video.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of Year Stuff

Senior recognition night at church and dinner for the grads and families.

Jessica works on her last sewing project, a quilt.

Adam has a craving for peanut butter so makes pb cookies.

Yesterday was the twin's preschool program. As I was sitting there, I was thinking about the fact that this is my last preschool program for my kids. The next preschool program I attend--years away--should be for a grandchild.

We went to Wendy's after the program.

Last night was the second dress rehearsal for Jasmine's dance recital Friday night.

Jasmine got her 5 year dance trophy.

Monday, May 24, 2010


I have to say that Jessica is one of those rare easy-to-raise children . Well, after we got out of a very fussy first year. She did NOT appreciate her carseat at all and let us know it often!!!! But she's always been the one that brings home a report cards that says, "Jessica is a joy to have in class." Not saying we don't have some major girl attitude at times....

First day of kindergarten. You can tell we weren't in FL huh? This was England so the first day of school could be cool. Now we are on the countdown to graduation.

The church we've been in for the past six years doesn't have awanas but we were in awanas in South Dakota, England and Valdosta.

Jessica had a chance to try a variety of sports when she was younger--t ball, flag football, roller hockey, indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, Upward basketball... She's always had fun with sports but never been serious enough about them to go out for a school team. She's also had other stuff going on--gymnastics, dance and marching band so she's had to choose what's most important to her. She's helped out in many areas at church too--children's church worker, parents' night out, VBS worker etc.

It was senior recognition night at church last night.

They had a nice meal for the seniors and families after the service.

I hope that Jessica continues her walk with the Lord as she goes into her college years. She's staying at a local college at least for next year starting a degree in criminology. I think her specific major is listed as crime scene technology.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Busy Saturday

Today was the last day of soccer and it started off with Jasmine's first tournament game, followed by the twin's game which overlapped Jasmine's second game. Jasmine's team came out second overall. I will keep my opinions of the top team to myself. It was hard to watch a U10 team being coached to play aggressively and a bit underhanded--thing that weren't outright illegal but just not nice.

Kayla gets her first trophy ever.


Jasmine with her coach. We all had hotdogs, chips and soda at the field, but then Jessica and I left on errands while Jasmine and the twins stayed with Rick to play on the big bouncy Under the Sea Maze and another one.

Jessica is staining/waterproofing the little deck she built a couple of years ago. The twins and Jasmine played in the wading pool while Jessica painted and Rick fixed bikes. I was working on my Tyndale devotion book. I'm just weeks from deadline.

Jasmine and Kayla ready for a festival at a friend's church. Rick took them. I stayed home to work on my book some more and do laundry.

Jessica and Tyler stopped briefly on their way to work.

The twins were really tired out after this. They are in bed, and Jasmine is watching The Spy Next Door for the second time. Rick, Adam and I watched it with her last night. It's a good family movie.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'e written about the youngest three, so now I'll continue with the older ones.

Adam is 15. He was our first adopted child, although he's not the oldest adopted child.

Adam is like two different people. He can be helpful, fun, cooperative and compassionate. He has a heart for orphans. Unfortunately there is another side to him that I'm not going to go into detail about. We are in counseling for the issues and he will remain in counseling until he works through them. He has so much potential, and I refuse to let him waste it. He is blessed with so much talent--academically, musically, artistically and athletically--as was his birth mother who went on to college after giving birth to Adam.

Adam likes the beach and sports and any combination of the two.

Adam loves the twins. He went to Haiti with us in Aug 07 to meet them for the first time.

For the last couple of summers Adam has gone to TMI on Merritt Island. That gives us all a little break from each other and gives him a chance to met new people and be himself away from us.

Last year he signed up to go to Haiti but didn't raise the money and stayed on Merritt Island doing a project there. This year he signed up for Belize. I bought him two cases of fundraiser candy bars to get him started and sent him down to the business area to ask for sponsors, but he just wasn't that motivated even though he really wanted to go on the trip. He didn't raise enough money so has had to drop to the Indiana choir/evangelism team. He likes the work projects but for some reason there isn't a project scheduled at the camp this summer. All the work teams are overseas teams.

Adam will not be returning to the public high school next year. He has problems with impulse control and peer pressure. Jessica took him to two Christian clubs to meet some Christian kids, but that's not who he chose to befriend. His friends applaud his poor and ungodly choices and the girls are an issue in themselves. Our choices are a home school computerized program through the state of Florida and a small geeky school. He will not be happy at first with either choice but he will adjust. He needs to realize that he can't make decisions for himself until he can make good choices. And after all, that's why we all have parents.
I am hoping that he will learn and grow on the mission team this summer and will be ready to face the new school year and make the most of the opportunities he has.