Thursday, May 30, 2019

She Did It!

This girl graduated last night!

Before the ceremony

There were a lot less graduates due to Hurricane Michael. We lost about 25% of all the students in Bay County.

I invited Jasmine's birth mom to join us for the ceremony. She and her boyfriend drove from Jacksonville.

She's come a long way, and while I'm sad this journey has come to an end, I'm exciting for the adventures ahead.

We leave for NYC very shortly.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Youngest Three

Right now we are in the busiest part of the the year. Jasmine's last day of school is tomorrow. She graduates May 29. The twins graduate middle school two days later. Here are some pictures from recent events.

The twins got new hair cuts, and Jasmine got her hair straightened. So new looks for all three.

The twins turned 14 on May 15.
For the first time--at least since toddlerhood--this is the first time Kaleb has been taller. In previous years Kayla has been between 3" and 6" taller. Now she is 5'4", and he is 5'5". Her hair makes her look taller, but look at the should height. We had to line them up on the wall and mark the heights to be sure.

This is the remaining kitty. Tyler is keeping him.

The senior classes here all go to elementary schools and do a walk through. This was Jasmine's walk through.

She also had awards day.

The cord is a military cord and the medal is for perfect attendance.

The church also had a recognition day for all the seniors.

Next time she wears the cap and gown will be at her graduation.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the one kitty we are keeping. Both mama kitties have been spayed. So now we have 12 week old Sorin, two mama kitties, an old kitty and four dogs.

Jayden, around 13-16 years old

 Travis, 6

 Sasha, 5

Sadie, approx 7-8

 Caspian, 8

Rosie, approx 2-3

Abbi, litter mate to Rosie

The next weeks are going to be crazy busy. Memorial Day at our new house the 27th, graduation the 29th, the twins middle school graduation the 31st, Tyler, Jasmine and me flying to NYC the 31st, the twins' 5 day camp June 10, high school cross country starting the 10th (the twins will start late), Kayla's court date undetermined, Jasmine leaving for her summer mission June 15. We also have to make sure Jasmine's college classes are set up for next fall before she leaves for camp. 

I will be updating my blog as these events take place.