Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Key West

Tyler, Jessica and I took a cruise with my mom in 2000 that went to Key West and Cozumel same as this cruise. Last year's cruise went to Key West and Nassau. So for Tyler, Jessica and myself this was the third trip to Key West. The second for Rick and Adam. We all enjoy it.

Last year we didn't know we could walk to the on and off bus and buy our tickets directly so we bought them on board. They charged $9 more per ticket including charging for Jasmine when children are free. I went to the cruise excursion desk afterwards and asked them why they charge more. They said they always add a transportation fee. I asked them why they would add a transportation fee when we walked the two blocks to the bus ourselves! That was a different cruise line, but this one was worse. They charged everyone $30 including children. So we walked down and bought our tickets for $21.99 and got the three children on for free. Crazy.

Tyler wasn't sure he wanted to do the bus tour again so I suggested that he and Jessica rent bikes and tour on their own.

 So Jasmine, Kayla and I started out on the bus. Rick, Adam and Kaleb met up with us at the eco center.

We met up with Tyler and Jessica at this stop. They say this is the new most southern point, but really the most southern point is on the navy base. (Or at least that's what our guide said)

We have no clue what this was. I told them to pretend it was a large hamster wheel. Sure hope it wasn't a sewage pipe or something.

Not sure why, but I really like this picture. Maybe because it seems so care free.

At a small wildlife refuge. Mostly birds, but they also have iguanas and turtles. They gave us food to feed the turtles, but the iguana liked the food too.

Waiting for the bus.

We met back up with Tyler and Jessica at the end.

Sharing a piece of chocolate dipped key lime pie.

Ready to board the ship and get ready for "elegant" night. My family isn't exactly practiced in  "elegant." I personally don't own a dress, only business type clothes. Jasmine does not like dresses at all but brought one for this night. I don't force her to wear dresses to church as long as she is neat and appropriate.

Okay, I've been doing all the talking. Time for you guys to comment!


Felicia said...

So where are the formal pictures? Looks like you had better weather for this cruise. Any plans for future cruising?

One Crowded House said...

It all looks so gorgeous and fun!

We are not elegant either... I just bought my boys dress shoes at Wal-mart tonight for my sister's wedding next month :)

Kathy C. said...

Felicia--will keep posting. Don't want to bore everyone with too many pictures at once. Do plan to cruise again. EVeryone loved this one. However, Kayla needs to get over her manipulation and control games and Kaleb likes shock value. He read some shirts that said #1 Bi*** #2 bi*** so he decided to say that word loudly at kid's camp. He didn't go back the final day and that was the super fun day because we were at sea all day.

Kathy C. said...

Tanya--love Walmart. My kid's shoes come from there quite often. I use Shoe Carnival for running shoes though when they have the buy one, get one 50%.