Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Stalling on Paperwork for #9

As you know from previous posts, we are nearing the end of adoption class. Tonight was week 7 of 8. So next week is it. I asked the adoption coordinator tonight what we could do to make our home study go more quickly. She said, "Well, November is adoption month, so we won't be doing any new paperwork. And thennext month is the holidays, so nothing will happen that month. So if you're lucky we will get to your paperwork in January." Really? Really?????? All these kids need a home, but no one can look at our paperwork until January?

The boys we are interested in aren't getting any younger. The older ones probably figure they won't get chosen and don't know we are interested in them. Parris may. He's only 12 and adorable. I can't really post his best pictures here, but if you go HERE  it will bring up the Jacksonville heart gallery. Click on "children" at the top. Parris is the end photo on the top row. Click on his photo and it will bring up pictures on him on the beach.

When I mentioned to the adoption coordinator that the boys we wanted are probably going to get chosen before we get our home study, she said not likely. The teen boys are not often chosen. I said that one we were very interested in is only 12 and cute. She said "We don't chose a child for the family, we chose a family for the child." I told her that I realized that, but from the little on his profile, we might be a good family for him. It appears he enjoys the beach, and he's athletic.

The three things we are most interested in are: open to going to church, likes pets, likes water sports. Beyond that of course we want him to be open to new things and willing to be part of a family.

If you are new to our blog, here are our top four choices just from the list. But Florida is not the easiest state to work with, so we will see what happens. 

Parris, 12

Christian, 15

Justin, 15

Antwan, 14

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