Sunday, November 6, 2016

Missed Them Both

We did not make it to even one fall festival out of the 30 or so at local churches the past two weeks. There were two more this weekend, so I thought we'd try to catch them both. Didn't work out so well.

We arrived at one Friday evening less than an hour after it started, but the hayrides were over. The horse rides were over. All the hot dogs, corn dogs and cakes for the cake walk were gone. The popcorn was gone. There were three bags of hard cotton candy. And they started sno cones. So we got a sno cone and left.

Jasmine and I hung out at the mall with River for a while.

Determined to look anywhere but at the camera. LOL

Saturday we were going to go to a fall festival from 2-5. That's what it said in the entertainment section of the paper. I arranged to meet Tara there. We got there at 2:45 because Jessica was sick, and I went and got River for it. In reality it had been from 12:00-2:30! I had a carful of kid, and Tara had Kealan and Sierra, so I grabbed sodas and chips from the gas station, and we went to a nearby park.

Sierra is a year younger than Jasmine. They have a lot to talk about!

Next week we have to be at the mall because Jasmine's band plays for Santa's arrival. 85F and Santa is coming. Are we really that close to Christmas?

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