Wednesday, July 31, 2019

New Shop

Life hasn't been the same since our flea market was destroyed. Starting in March, Ty and I have had a shop in a flea market an hour away. I have to be there Fri-Sun. It has been very slow in building up customers. My Ford Edge block got a hole in it almost a month ago, and I have to get a new engine, so getting to the shop and back has been a problem.

On top that, Ty and I talked and decided to get a shop in an antique mall yet another hour north, so two hours from home. It is open every day, but we don't have to be there. The owners sell everything and deduct a 12% commission plus rent. We only have to go up occasionally to straighten the shop and take new merchandise. 

Yesterday Ty, the twins and myself went up and painted our shop. You can see what the original color was by the color above where we painted.

Kayla and I painted while Tyler and Kaleb put together a bookcase and corner case.

Ty put the tape up for our top line.

Painting went quickly, and we had a fan to help it dry so we could put on the second coat without much delay. Then we rearranged everything with Ty in charge.

A few of my wreaths add color to the front.

My other shop is Toy Central, but this is a different kind of shop, so we need a name. I was thinking of Cassel's Closet or Cassel's Cluttered Closet. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Book News is Not Good

My Girl's Guide books were published by Legacy Publishing. The editor had been there a long time. She managed to get some of the books in Walmart. Things were looking good. Then she left, and the owner could not keep an editor. There were at least six in the next few years.

Then Rose Publishing bought Legacy. I had an proposal submitted for The Girl's Guide to Middle School. Then Hendrickson bought out Rose. I was given the go ahead for the Middle School Guide. I interviewed a lot of girls for the project. Got it finished and sent it in.

Then I got this message:

I’m so sorry! We had a PubBoard earlier this week and I presented both your book and another Girl’s Guide that I had discovered which was completed but had not been printed. Both books were turned down by the PubBoard. They feel we have enough Girl’s Guides and that overall the series isn’t doing well enough to justify producing more.

Again, I’m sorry. I believe in this book and wanted to add it to our line-up. But I don’t think that’s going to change. I would encourage you to send it to other publishers because it’s a good book, and is something every middle-school girl would benefit from.
The thing is, no one else publishes these books. This is part of a series. Not only are they not publishing it, but they put The Christian Girl's Guide to Me: The Quiz Book out of print.

It appears the powers that be have no interest in children's books.

I worry about Tyndale because they put Promises for God's Princesses out of print almost right away!!

So book news is not good right now.

If you have children going into 5th, 6th or 7th consider purchasing The Middle School Survival Manual

If you have girls ages 8-12, consider one of the Girl's Guides 

If there are any left of these

Or one of the other books attached to the link above.

Next post will have plenty of pictures.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Honduras Houseboat Team

I finally have some photos of Jasmine at Teen Mission International at Merritt Island. One of the moms flew down for the commissioning service and took pictures.
At the last night rally. 

Jasmine is kind of smashed at the back.

Packing up.

And this one is the team in HONDURAS!!!

Here's the report from the team leaders:
Praise the Lord! All the Honduras team luggage, team members, and leaders all arrived safely in Honduras! After a night of not much sleep in the airport, we were able to get to all of our flights on time. Eating some meals at the airport helped to lift some spirits! On our bus ride to the base, we were all hot and tired, but arriving at the base and finding that the evening meal was waiting for us was a big encouragement! We unpacked the team food and evangelistic items and then took personal items to the dorm rooms. We had a very short time of announcements, singing and prayer and then headed off for an early bedtime of 8:30 (of course that was 10:30 in the time zone we have been in the past two weeks.) The weather is hot and humid—just like Florida!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Looks Like a Repeat

Today was supposed to be an errand day for me, but Jessica hurt her back and had to go to a walk in clinic. So the girls came over. I was going to take them to the splash park, but then I thought about how crowded it would be. And honestly, the girls have just as much fun here.

So this post looks a lot like the last one.

Kayla and I are going to take the girls on an outing on Wednesday, so you'll see those photos too.

Plus I have an update on Jasmine to post, so look for that too.

And I'll answer Emily's request for a picture of Winter and Jessica at the same age.