Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Book Convention day 2

Only two people left  a comment on yesterday's blog about what Christian authors they read. Does this mean the other 48 people don't read Christian books, are too shy to comment or were just bored by the post? Hmmm.

Today was day 2. Other than a visit by Bob and Larry, the convention really felt quiet and a bit boring. I don't know if any of you reading have ever gone, but in past years(but not the past 2-3) the floor was crowded, noisy and full of life. Bible Man came. The Penguins came. Hermie and Wormie came. The kids followed  them as they paraded around the convention floor. Christian performers sang during the day, Children's events were held at the booths and so on. I guess it's the economy, but it's not like that any more.

Publishing houses, book store owners and authors still come, but business is carried on in a more subdued way. The energy is missing.

Still, we got to talk to some favorite authors and other people today.
We started the day getting a signed DVD from the creator of Veggie Tales, Mike (I won't try  to put his last name with no cheat sheet, but you all know who he is).

And we got a photo with the veggies together. Yesterday we didn't do that.

Well, actually  the official ICRS photographer took one, and there we are in the top left picture of today's convention newspaper.

This is one of my favorite authors, Terri Blackstock. She writes solid suspense books.  If you're  looking  for a good read,try one of her books.  Brandilyn Collins is another good suspense writer, but she wasn't here this year. Of their books I'd recommend Predator (and if you have teens on internet, make them read it too!), Intervention, Deceit, Exposure and Dark Pursuit. The first two are by Terri and the other three by Brandilyn.  

This is Tricia Goyer, an author who is adopting some little ones from the state. 
We got Scripture tattoos.

I made these photos extra large so you could read the verses.

Karen Kingsbury signed a new picture book. She also announced that she and Kelsey  will be having  some greeting cards coming out with Dayspring next spring.

That's all the authors we got pictures with. We talked to a lot more like Robyn Caroll and Irene Hannon but I just didn't pull my camera out.

Tonight they had just a preview of the new Veggie  Tale Christmas DVD coming out in October. It is going to have Si from Duck Dynasty on it as Silas the Okra. For real. He was in the preview. I couldn't even make that up.

There was a premier showing of a Janette Oke movie that will be on Hallmark this fall and Jasmine lasted about 15 minutes of that. Yeah, yeah. Me too.

Then since the life of an author is so glamorous, we came back to our hotel room and had a hotdog (me) and a frozen dinner (heated up of course, Jasmine)

And then Jasmine practiced on her practice pad.

So that was our day.

Okay, so those of you who didn't say what you read,  do you watch Veggie Tales?  How long have you watched them and what's your favorite one. (And those who do read can leave comments too!)

Jasmine's favorite is The League of Incredible Vegetables. She's more or less grown up on them as have most of our kids.


Sarah said...

The only Christian author I have read is you! So I guess you'd be my favorite! I've never watched Veggie Tales- if I had kids/or around kids I'd probably check them out.

Hevel said...

I don't read Christian authors who write for the Christian market. I have heard about the Veggie talesbut never seen them.

Katie Tripp said...

I remember bringing Madame Blueberry on a youth group trip. Everyone was supposed to bring movies, but that was the only one we had, so we watched it over and over again on the bus. My kids love Veggie Tales though, they watch them all the time, I don't know if they have a favorite though.

Tracy said...

I don't read Christian authors (well, I am sure most the authors I read are "Christian") but you know what I mean! :) Heard of Veggie Tales, but never watched them. Looks like a great bonding experience for you and Jasmine!

Kath said...

I've heard of Veggie Tales but only on blogs, I don't think they air them/have the DVDs here!

The only Christian books I've really read have been biographies of people,I remember the trailblazers series in particular.

Kathy C. said...

Wow. So many people who haven't seen Veggie Tales. I wonder if they have them on Netflix.

Christian fiction has come a long way in the past decade. It's worth a try.

Kathy C. said...

You Tube has full veggie tale episodes too.

Nadia said...

we have nearly all the veggie tales on DVD, they are still one of my 10 yr old sisters fav's...she LOVES minnesota cuke the best. as for authors...gotta be karen kingsbury

Kathy C. said...

Love Karen. As an author but more as a person.

Hevel said...

I'm sure Christian fiction has come a long way, I'll still pass on it. I'll stick to my Herman Wouk instead. :)

Kathy C. said...

I've noticed that some things are being called "Christian" that just have a vague reference to a higher being too.

Hevel said...

I read Christian authors who are writing for the general fiction/non fiction market. I think they are great. But I hardly ever seek out religious fiction--Wouk is my big exception, and Orson Scott Card's Bible related books were also good.