Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Elegant" Night

or Formal Night. Or whatever they choose to call it. An evening to get dressed up for dinner. My family is not big on dress up. Well, Jessica-yes, the others-no.

The girls are ready.

The girls went to meet the captain. No clue where the guys were.

The guys showed up for dinner of course. They looked so handsome dressed up.

I don't have dressy clothes, only business dress, so that is what I wear.

We didn't get a good picture of all of us. The waiter took this, then moved to a better spot to take one, but he had his finger over the flash, so it didn't come out. I didn't realize until I downloaded the pictures later.

strawberry bisque

Alligator fritters

He had packed a black tie for this shirt. Um, no. I packed one of Rick's ties for him. So handsome.

The waiter wasn't sure I'd like the pasta, so he gave me a plate of prime rib too! Rick got the prime rib. Most of the family had BBQ ribs. What a thing to feature when everyone is in dress clothes! Rick had lobster.
As soon as dinner was over, most of us headed straight to the cabin to change back into casual clothes. I was first because I skipped dessert and went down to the cabin.

Next stop: Cozumel.

What's your favorite vacation destination?


:)De said...

Love Cozumel. Great snorkeling there. Have fun!

Kathy C. said...

We are actually back, but I'm posting photos a little at a time so no one falls asleep reading my blog! :)