Thursday, October 30, 2014

After the Ceremony

 The ceremony was short, and we tried to get some pictures of the family together afterward. But that didn't go really well because the photographer needed to get photos too. They didn't do the tradition bride and groom with both sides of the family pictures and such. I tried to get some on my camera.
All the siblings together
Three of our sons. Adam was helping my mom up to the patio for the reception.

Our family and Hunter's family
Adam with my mom

Rick and I. There were people on the beach and in the water who were eyeing us curiously. Weddings on the beach aren't that unusual. Neither are baptisms. We've seen both.

Adam and Deja

First dance

Father-daughter dance

We had just shaken things up by kissing since Jessica and Hunter seemed to have a monopoly on kissing. But I saw our kids' reaction and started laughing. I was like, "How do you all think you got here?" not even thinking about five of them having been adopted. I really don't think about that.

This was cool.

They were are standing in a line for the the photos, and I asked them to do a line dance to liven it up.

I'd gotten a room so we'd have a place for my mom to rest before the ceremony and for everyone to change. I gave it to Hunter and Jessica for the night. There was actually a small kitchen and another room with a bed but I didn't think they'd want company!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Ceremony

The wedding was at 4:00. I don't know if we started right on time or not. I have no idea how long it was either. I was wearing a watch, but I never thought to look at it until well into the reception!

Lisa, mother of the groom, and her escort walked first. We were still trying to get Jessica ready when it was time to walk. Since Rick was walking Jessica "down the aisle," which was actually down some steps and across the sand, I chose Ty David, my oldest son, to be my escort. Ty and I very quickly got outside and walked next. 

Jessica and Hunter only had one attendant each, and Delisa went next.

Hunter didn't want to see Jessica until she was walking down the aisle.

Jessica and Rick. 

They did a sand ceremony. I couldn't see it from where I was sitting (too close) but my kids were farther back with the cameras.

Mr and Mrs Hunter Woodruff

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wedding Rehearsal and before the ceremony

We have over 1,000 pictures of the last four days, and I don't think you want to see them all! I'll start by posting a few from the rehearsal and some from before the wedding.

Jessica's siblings started showing up before the wedding. Jasmine and Kayla were with me. Kaleb had to go to school due to poor grades, so Rick picked him up around noon and brought him. Jeff drove 20 hours straight through from his army base in Texas, and Adam picked up Deja and came over. Tyler, of course, had come down with my mom and sister.

Adam and Deja


 I was in and out between the room I'd reserved so my mom would have a place to rest and we would have a place to change and the room where Jessica was getting ready.
tables set up for the reception

Jessica and Jasmine. The sky was beautiful.

Hunter's cousin did her  hair and make up.

The water is beautiful. It fits right in with her wedding colors.

We got her into her dress at the last minute. They sent the guest down at 20 minutes until 4. Hunter's mom went next, and I was supposed to follow her, but we were still getting Jessica into her dress. It was her mother-in-law's room and a lot of people were in and out of it. We were still shoving guys out so she could get dressed less than 30 minutes before the wedding.
Ready to go.