Thursday, October 26, 2017

Photo Overload

I am taking a photography refresher class because the manual settings on my Nikon 5500 are different from the Nikon 3100 I had. (Still have but it won't auto focus) Yesterday the kids didn't have school, so we went to the park so I could try out some camera settings.

Kayla, 12

Jasmine, 16

Winter, 6 months

Kaleb, 12

River, 21 months

Then we went to a new beach. We had come a few times several years ago, but the beach looks totally different! It used to be a small secluded area. Now it's a big, wide open beach.

We found a bunch of sand dollars. And this was with several other people already there shell hunting. I told the kids we need to come at sunrise sometime and see what we can find.

I have more pictures, but I'll leave it at this for now. Don't want to overload anyone. It's starting to get cool now. About 50F when we first get up, but warm by time the kids get out of school.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Every Day Life

Every time our life seems to be falling into a routine, something changes. So, I'll just update each child.

Tyler -- he was working custodial at the mall, but they kept leaving him to close alone, which is at least a two-person job. Iron Wok saw how hard he worked and hired him for the days he didn't work custodial. He also works in our flea market shop Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Finally he couldn't take the stress of the custodial job and gave two weeks notice. Iron Wok gave him an extra day, and Hickory Farms just called to see if he wants to work seasonally starting November 21. They hired him last year when they saw him sweeping the food court. I really don't have recent pictures of him because he works every day except Tuesday. So on Tuesdays I usually take both him and Jessica to Taco Bell. This is last Tuesday.

Jessica continues to work two jobs, one retail, one a waitress job on the beach. She works evenings, so there is only a short time gap between when she leaves for work and when Hunter gets home. We take turns helping her with the babies. I had them today. Yesterday she and I took them to the park.

Jeff- I haven't heard from him in two years by his choice.

Adam -- He has moved three hours away to become active reserve. Thankfully he does come home every few weekends so we can make connections. He and Tara are no longer together. They have been on and off so many times, but this move seems to have ended it. I hate that because I think they are good together. But it's their lives. So we watch and pray. He is involved in coaching a boy's basketball team after work. And he has an endless supply of friends.

Jasmine-- Life has gotten stressful far too quickly this year, her junior year. She is not in band because when you are percussion, it is your life. She said she could not go through another year of that. She is in a local children's theater group, though, and loves that. Since it is two nights a week, she chose to not participate in county Christian choir this year. I am a bit sad about that because it's a great program that combines a Bible study with choir, and they go on tour the first week of summer every year. This next summer they are going to California. But she has to do what she feels is best for her, and she is struggling with math and history already. I'm glad she has the theater program for fun.

We went to the beach during a tropical storm two weekends ago.

Kaleb-- Intermediate band is marching with advanced band this year, so he has marched at a couple of football games already. Thankfully he can wear Jasmine's middle school uniform for the upcoming parade, except that he needs a different color cummerbund and bow tie. He is also in his third year of swimming. He can't decide if he likes it or not. He likes things to come easy and doesn't want to work at them. I know it will all click one of these days.

Kayla -- Kayla finished Teen Court. She just has to turn in her notebook completed. She tried out for middle school basketball and made first cut, but she did not make the team. We were all disappointed for her. She has the choice of playing on a city league, but it is not until Jan/Feb and is at the same time as middle school soccer. She has to decide quickly between the two.
This month was Kayla's turn to go on a Mommy date. She chose the Chinese buffet.

Ashley-- hoping to see her and the kids on our very brief trip to Indiana next month. Phoenix is in marching band, and Griffin is in football.

So those are my updates for now. I know I don't post much, just too much going on most days. And I'm never sure if anyone is really reading my posts other than my brother. LOL.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


The grandbabies are growing up! Here are some recent photos.

And here are some from the springs that I thought I posted but don't see. The springs are 78F which is pretty cold for water, but River didn't seem to mind. She loves to swim and has no fear (which means we have to watch her closely.)