Thursday, January 31, 2019

We're Moving ... Maybe

We have been in a mold filled house for too long. Partly because it's been one thing after another since the hurricane. And lately because we needed roughly $12,000 up front!!! Who knew? Well, maybe you all did, but I didn't. We didn't face that when we moved into the double wide we are in now. 

The first house we viewed was perfect for us. Huge fenced in back yard, five bedrooms if we used the spare room as a bedroom etc. Even had a big greenhouse in the back yard. But the realtor who showed it to us hadn't checked, and the house was already under contract when she showed it to us.

The next few houses had too much damaged. 

Then we found one that just needed new back steps and a new roof. So we signed a contract and put down $1,000 earnest money.

Then we had to have it appraised for $465.

Then a full inspection for $475.

Then they told us we needed an additional $9,900 at closing for insurance, flood insurance, land tax and closing fees. Good grief!!!

So I emptied three accounts in three different banks and sold a lot of stuff. 

Then they told me I had to prove where the money came from!!!!! It might be laundered money. NOPE. I only laundered 26 cents last week. Honest. It was in the bottom under the gyrator. 

It's a crazy world.

So now we have a list of FIFTEEN things we still have to do (like prove the money is legit) before we can close.

Here the outside of the house. Despite how high up it is, they insist we have to carry flood insurance! We will need an ark before this house floods.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

When You Want Just One Photo

of a three-year-old smiling at the camera.

Well, I tried!!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

While Dad and Mom Cruised ...

The girls, Tyler, Jasmine and I hung out. Due to hurricane damage at her school, Jasmine attends school from 7-12 in a shared building. So while Hunter and Jessica were gone Tyler slept at their house, walked their huskies and got the girls up and ready for the day. He entertained them until about 11:30. Then I picked them up, went and picked Jasmine up, and we'd go on our adventure for the day.

The first day Hunter's mom had them and we met at a park.

We tried to get photos of them together. It didn't happen.

On Monday I picked Jasmine up and we headed a ways away to a snack shop that had a beach right across from it. I did not realize that for some reason Winter no longer likes the feel of sand. Trying to put her down brought on a major screaming fit, so after letting River play a bit, we loaded up and went to Conservation Park and walked a short trail, then drove back to a park not far from us.

On Tuesday Winter was fussy part of the day--until we got a banana split!

On Wednesday we went to Dave and Busters for lunch and to play games. They wore shirts I'd bought them at Old Navy on clearance the day before.

More photos to come. But this is enough to put everyone into photo overload.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

New Year's Eve

I'm trying to catch my blog up, but most of my time is being spent sorting out our shop inventory which ended up in our house plus multiple storage units. Yes, there was that much plus furniture.

We spent New Year's Eve at home, just the six of us.

We spent the evening playing board games and lighting fireworks.

The next morning we had our third annual Cassel Crew Polar Bear Plunge. I know, I know. It's not cold enough here for a Polar Bear Plunge, but it's cold enough for us.

Before the Polar Bear Plunge

After the Polar Bear Plunge
Rick started water boiling for hot chocolate before we jumped into the water. He also had eggs, sausage and bacon ready to go on the grill.

Here's to a great new year. Some things that are ahead this year are: hopefully moving into a new home, a contract for The Christian Girl's Guide to Middle School, a possible contract for a Locker Devotions book, Jasmine' graduation, Jasmine going on a TMI mission trip to Mexico, a possible trip to New Orleans and a possible trip to NYC to celebrate Jasmine's graduation. The trips depend on finances. I had the money saved, but it has to go to the closing costs on the new house. So time will tell.

Hunter and Jessica are on a cruise this week, so we are watching their girls for the week. Plenty of photos to come.