Monday, August 25, 2008

Belt Demonstration

Tyler started karate in April. It's a bit challenging due to his poor muscle tone and coordination due to asperger's syndrome but he's been very motivated and done well. He got his yellow belt today.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Day of School Aug 18

Yes. It's really that early. School start times and bus times are staggered to reuse the buses. The highschool bus comes at 6:15 and gets to the school at 6:30--a whole hour before school starts. School ends at 2:30 and they are home at 3:00. The kids walk between 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile to the bus.
Tyler is a senior. He has mostly electives this year. He has to take English 4 and gov/econ but them has business computer programming, drama 1, digital design, art, web design, drawing, outdoor education and digital design.
Jessica is a junior.
Jessica has Speech 1, integrated math, band,2-d drawing, drama 1, chemistry 1 and Eng 3. They are both happy with their schedules.
Jasmine is in 2nd grade. The bust comes at 7:00 and school starts at 7:25. School ends at 1:30 and I meet her bus at 2;00.

Adam's bus comes at 7:55 and school starts at 8:30. School ends at 3:30. The bus drops him back at 4:00.

AUGUST RECIPES are on the adoption blog.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jacksonville, Lake City, Gainesville

At the first hotel.

Jasmine at Shands for her annual cranio-facial appt.
Jessica's 17th birthday

Jacksonville Zoo
Feeding nectar to the Lorikeet

Doesn't Jeff look thrilled?
The bird started licking Jessica's face.

At the second hotel.

Chuck E, Cheese stop half way home.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday

TWO DAYS EARLY (because we will be out of town on the 14th)

Happy 17th Jessica!

She got two kinds of cheese cake and we had Kung Fu Panda cupcakes : )

Clothes from Aunt Lou.
Earrings from Grandma.
Jessica and I are going on a girl's getaway cruise in Feb.
Webkinz from Tyler.
Check from Grandpa and Grandma Cassel.
Clothes from Uncle Ken.
Pot roast. I started it in the crock pot on low at 11:30 last night and we had to smell it cooking early morning. Yum. I was ready to eat at 9 a.m. (and it almost was too!)
Blowing out 17 candles in cheesecake.

Shy cleans the plate. In his seven years of life, this is probably only the third or fourth time he's gotten table scraps.
Trying on clothes from Uncle Ken.
and Aunt Lou