Monday, June 10, 2013

Aboard the Cruise Ship

At Port of Miami waiting to board.

Waiting to check in.

Boarding. Unfortunately Jessica's hat didn't make it aboard. It was blown away as we crossed from this building on to the ship.

We had lunch while we waited for our cabins to be ready. There was a lot of food to choose from. The twins wanted everything. I think they ate three days worth of food in one meal.

Our ship had a water slide. The water on the slide and in the pools is salt water.

Still in port waiting to leave. The ice cream machine was popular with our crew.

Welcome aboard dance party as the ship left port.

 I was very relieved when our whole crew made it to Miami and on to the ship. Even more when we took off in good weather and no sign of the tropical storm.

Have any of you gone on cruises? Good experiences or not?

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