Sunday, June 30, 2013


 This blog post won't be all that exciting because we are just hanging out with family and friends.
We introduced my sister to Just Dance 4

We went over to Shipshewana.

We try to go to the general store each trip. Even though it's commercial and not really  Amish at all, it does have some different things.

They have a  large selection of marbles plus you can buy marbles by the scoop.

We ate at Rise and Roll.

We sampled all the different kinds of salsa. I bought corn salsa and  black bean salsa.

I think Jasmine is taller than Grandma now.

We showed everyone how to make cake in a mug.

Rick's family took us to breakfast as Das Dutch Essenhaus.

We ran with a friend's daughter who has summer running to do, then went back to play Just Dance 4.

Juanita and Ari

My sister

Rick with his dad


We took our crock pot and made cream cheese chicken chili for our families. 

Adam making a mug cake for grandma for dessert. We added strawberries and Redi  whip.

So that's what we've been doing. We are supposed to go to the lake tomorrow, but we are forecasted for rain.

So what are you doing this summer? Are your children doing any summer work or enrichment activities? We haven't really started anything yet this summer but once we're home we'll start some summer work and swim lessons.


Kath said...

I got my degree results this week and it was much better than we'd expected (the transcript says equivalent to 3.4-3.6GPA because there isn't one standard conversion but that means nothing to me!) so I'm going to be working in the lab all summer, and having a lot of meetings to see if it's possible to find last minute funding for a PhD rather than a masters course.

All feels very grown up! I'm also hoping to get a week off to go on holiday somewhere, but that might have to wait until Christmas :)

Kathy C. said...

Yay for you. And that is a very good gpa. Top score is 4.0. Hope you go somewhere special!

One Crowded House said...

We've been doing Summer Bridge workbooks and lots of reading. We haven't gotten crafty yet though because my craftiest kids were all at different camps last week. And then in less than two weeks we will be in MO. So I'm guessing craftiness will have to wait until then.

It looks like you are fitting lots of fun in with your family.

Rose Anne said...

the kids just got finished with the Wizard of Oz, they allowed Saul to join the cast after we got home which is 3 weeks Fri. Tue we go back to the cities for a follow up. Told the kids that School was starting up on Weds. they both were so thrilled. Saul has to relearn how write, so it will be different( he is still shaky and the grasp is not there yet, so tracing is going happen again)

Kathy C. said...

Tanya-we need to get going on some summer thing including the summer work the school assigns!

Rose Anne-- it's been crazy for you!