Friday, November 2, 2018

Life Isn't Always Pretty

If the last post is to be believed, I only have 9 readers, so I am uncertain about continuing this blog. I do have one connected to my website (listed on the side bar), but that is more general. Editors and publishers want to know that you have a presence online, so that one is more topical and human interest rather than family oriented.

And truthfully, it is hard to know what to write on this blog. Sometimes the truth isn't pretty. Like, at this time I am still at Adam's house stalling on going home to a house with holes in the roof and mildew on the walls, but which the insurance company is unwilling to give us enough to repair. I'd much rather move, but we still owe a lot on it. However, if we remain in a manufactured home in a flood zone our insurance will be unaffordable. We already pay close to $3,000 a year insurance and another $800 flood insurance.

Another truth is that one child had to stay behind because he's on probation due to two arrests for theft. I also wouldn't bring him because he thought that taking matches out to the Armada, lighting them and dropping them on the floorboard while my husband drove was a fun activity. No concern about whether or not they lit the carpet or any of the stuff on it on fire.And some days he can't go more than ten minutes without arguing or being downright defiant. I didn't need to deal with that on a trip where we were going to stay with another adoptive family who already has enough issues with their own adopted children. When he wants, he can be cooperative and helpful. He's like two different children in one.

Life isn't always pretty and it isn't always neat. Some days are good, some days need a do over. Our time away has been mostly good. We've visited some places, played games, watched movies (mostly the kids as I have a 20 minute attention span when it comes to movies.) I've had a chance to talk to another adoptive mom who gets it when I talk about my kids. 

But it hasn't been without incident. I hate that the school gives the middle school students chrome books. They can access the Internet from them. One child was supposedly working on her math while I went out to get some things we needed. Checking her history later, she had actually watched over 59 videos on You Tube. She's already been warned about this and has been caught twice before. She even lost the computer for a week the first time and two weeks the second time even though it is an inconvenience for the teachers who like to assign everything on the chrome books and use them for testing. This time she won't get it back until school resumes the 13th (they've been out since the 8th of October and return Nov 13!!) and the school can put it in the penalty box, meaning she can use it only for schoolwork, and Internet is blocked.

So there's the good, and there's the not so good. I'm sure that's true not just for adopted children, but birth children at well, but I've been fortunate to only have had only the typical occasional bad attitude or arguing from my birth children. There were days they couldn't breath too close to each other without arguing with each other (that is still true on occasion!), but that seems to be pretty common.

I have lots of  photos to post, and I'll get to that soon. This is National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo), and I have my 50,000 words to write. This is my third year doing it.


James Fosten said...

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Anonymous said...

I came to your blog through another blog, or maybe two others. Since then, they have stopped blogging or gone private. I think if you got your blog on other bloggers' (active ones) blog rolls your readership would increase.

Kathy Cassel said...

I've noticed that of the 30 blogs I used to keep track of, only one or two blog regularly.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I prefer hearing about the real/sometimes ugly stuff as it's more honest and occasionally the 'list format' entries can feel repetitive and I want to know more about the bits in between the stories. I wish you'd share your emotions more. I'd like to know more about the early days of adopting all the kids as well.

Anonymous said...

I check for updates on your blog almost daily but sometimes I may not have time to comment. I like your blog because you speak from the heart and are real. I read other blogs which make life seem like everything is sparkle and rainbows. Life is dirty, ugly business. Thank you for keeping it real. I will make sure to comment more.
-Valerie in NJ

Anonymous said...

Still reading here in ND.

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