Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Reader Pictures

Aren't these a bunch of cuties? I pray my books will be a blessing to each one of them.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Six Months

Many hours after the plane landed no one knew for sure who was even on the plane. Parents try to get a glimpse of their children coming off the plane.

28 hours after the plane landed most of us hadn't even had a chance to see our children. We finally got mean and demanded to be allowed to see that our children were actually there and okay.

We'd all been at the airport over 30 hours by this time.

After 1 a.m.--36 hours of waiting--and we were still waiting.

3 a.m. time to try and get some sleep before driving six hours more home

first McDonalds

tv reporter was waiting for us at the house

Here are some photos from the first six months. These are just random and aren't taken exactly on the one month, two month etc anniversary.
One month home. Going to the store for treats.

Two months home. First frozen dinner.

Three months home. Playing on the new trampoline.

Four months home--soccer, festival etc

Five months home--first real trip--St Louis

Saturday, July 24, 2010


We only had an hour of sun before it turned gloomy and rained, but we made the most of it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

No longer a Teen

Tyler is twenty today!

We had orange chicken, sweet & sour chicken and beef & brocoli

shirt from Jessica
Wii motion plus
from Aunt Lou
from Grandma

from Uncle Ken

from Jasmine

Happy 20th birthday Tyler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Fun

Here are some of the activities we've done since we got back into town.

Went to the big pool about 45 minutes away.

It cost $30 to get everyone in-myself, two teens, and three littles ones. It has an olympic size pool, diving board, roped off lanes for lap swimming, one large slide and the small pool with lot of activies so it's worth the money and drive. Unfortunately they closed the pool due to lightning when we'd only been there a little over an hour!

The area for little people.

Ty in the olympic size pool.

Jessica and Kaleb

We went to the bay after church Sunday. Jessica's friend Anthony joined us.

Tyler and Anthony decided to explore to the end of the world, er bay, by kayak. We took them sodas via the jet ski before they went into areas the jet ski couldn't go.

Anthony on the tube.

Tyler on the tube.

Jessica and Anthony.

Jessica made Kaleb a smore.

Jasmine took a turn driving. I let her control the speed and steering out on the bay, but I had the shut off cord!

This is how close a group of five dolphin was coming to the jet ski!

Anthony brought Jessica stuff from his trip. The necklace has her name on it and is a mood necklace.

We took the twins skating for the first time. Kaleb was a trooper.

Kayla wasn't too sure about it.

Jessica took first out of eight in the horse race. I was a close second to her. We beat the other teens!

We missed Jasmine's surgery date due to insurance issues. They are trying to work them out but now the surgery may not be until after school starts Aug. 11. We wanted to avoid her missing too much school.

Adam is in Evansville with a mission team that visits the county fairs in IN, KY and TN.