Friday, June 14, 2013


Cozumel was a good day for everyone. Rick was limited by his foot. He had surgery three months ago, and we had no idea he would still be having trouble with it. So he decided to just go into the shopping area near the dock. There is a lot to choose from there. The twins stayed with him so they could swim in the pool and go to kid's camp.

Tyler and Jessica went on an ATV/Snorkel excursion. They had a blast.



I don't know if you can see it,but Ty's legs and shoes are covered in mud. Maybe that's why they snorkel afterwards!

Adam went to a cool beach but forgot his camera. He thought he'd signed up for the same excursion as Jasmine and I, but he hadn't. 

Jasmine and I went to Chankanaab. It was okay but not what we thought it'd be.

It advertised that there was snorkeling, gardens, a buffet, kayaks, a pool and a sea lion show. The problem is that we did everything as a group and there wasn't time allotted for most of the stuff. We snorkeled, went to the buffet and toured the gardens. No free time to do the rest.

But I had fun sharing the time with Jasmine.

Jasmine decided not to snorkel. She went into the water but wasn't comfortable with the equipment so decided to wait on the beach.

The buffet was an "international" buffet but that just meant they had tacos, cold ,nasty spaghetti, egg rolls with a questionable filling, hamburgers and hot dogs and rice pudding. It was like they tried to have the stereo type food from several countries but it was all mediocre. It tasted like it had been sitting out all day. But it was included in the price, so we tried some of it. 

The garden tour was interesting, and the guide was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Adam was getting back just as we were getting back. We ran in to Tyler and Jessica who'd already been back on the ship and were venturing out to shop. We shopped for T shirts, but after we got back to the ship and I'd showered and changed, I decided to make a quick run back for two more T shirts for the twins. Adam decided to come with me because he wanted to get a tank top and hadn't found one he liked. We only had an hour to get there and back. As we were heading out, Tyler and Jessica were heading in from when we'd run into them earlier, so they turned around and went back to the shopping area for the third time!

No one really wanted to leave Cozumel and most of them said it was "the best day ever."
The next day was a day at sea and then we arrived in Miami the next morning.


One Crowded House said...

What a great experience!

Kathy C. said...

I think Tyler and Jessica had the best time there. Quite an adventure and something they hadn't done before.