Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First Day Aboard

One thing about the cruise is that there was food all the time. Around the clock. Besides the main dining room which is picture below, there are buffets by the pool, a sandwich shop, Asian place, hamburger/ hot dog serving line and pizza place. The pizza place and one other place was open 24 hours. There was also room service.

At dinner the first night. It was casual dress.

We sat side by side the first night, but ended up having to move to split up certain combinations of kids.

My food. I didn't eat all of it. In fact, I passed half of mine on to other family members each night. 

Jessica and Jasmine both got this. 

Tyler and Rick both got the talapia.

The twins both got pizza. We kid that food is their love language. That should probably be added to Smalley's book.  They got a whole pizza and fries and still helped the rest of us finish our food. There were starters and desserts too! 

Still at dinner. The waiters sang some song and everyone clapped along.

Tyler and Jasmine played putt putt golf on the twelfth deck.

It gets pretty windy up there.

Besides play golf, the kids went on the water slide and in the pool.

Ty and Jessi went to Cha Cha lessons. They were the life of the class.Cute partners too.

They did really well and were fun too watch. I would have messed up the rhythm and ran into my partner if I'd done this.

Hamming up the ending.

Then it was time for late night snacks of course.

The second day we went to Key West. All of us have been there before except the twins so already had plans in mind. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Everyone may not be in an equal amount of pictures, but everyone did everything. We split into groups for a lot of things so I may not have been with some of the kids to take photos.

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