Saturday, January 30, 2016

Photo Class week 2

Friday Jessica and I had our second location photography class. That means we go somewhere either local or up to 90 minutes away to take photos. This week we went by the house on the way to our destination, so I stopped and picked up Tyler. Kaleb was just getting home so I took him too. I texted Adam and he met us there also. Later Rick joined us on the way home with Jasmine. Only Kayla didn't get home soon enough to join us.

Here are a few of the photos I took of the kids.

Jessica took this.

We were really supposed to be shooting pictures of the trees, shrubs etc. But I prefer people. I took a lot of photos of my classmates, but I'm not posting them because I don't have permission. They don't even know I took them yet :)

I am going to be ordering an 8x10 of Adam and of Kaleb for my wall. I don't have new ones of either of them. Which should I choose.

Monday, January 25, 2016

This and That

There is nothing big going on right now. No drama. No crises. No winter storm. Just a bit of this and that.

Sadie Rose is settling in well. She just has to learn not to chase the cat!

Caspian is kind of a diva. He has the most seniority. Max, who died a few weeks ago, was the last pet that came to FL with us from GA. We had Max and Scrappy both a very long time.

Sasha can be a lap dog, but she can also wrestle the boys too.

I think we wore them out.

River Cheyanne is doing well and comes over to visit a couple of times a week.

Jessica and I started a new photography class on Friday. River went along. I might have spent more time taking pictures of Jessica and River than what we were supposed to be photographing.

This was just much more interesting.

Jessica is holding a toy that used to be hers. We brought in her keepsake trunk from the shed, and she took few outfits that used to be hers to try on River.
 We have been working on a lot of crafts for our 14 days of kindness the first 14 days of February. Everyone was so cheery back in November posting comments every day of what they were thankful for, but now winter has gotten nasty and people aren't as cheery as they were at the beginning of the holidays. So we are going to spread some cheer to people in our lives in February. 

I will be posting more about that later on my blog for girls. Check HERE in a few days.

This evening was the joining award ceremony for our American Heritage Troop

Vicki is our leader. I am shepherd--basically chaplain.

Tyler may have gotten a custodial job at the mall. He is excited about having the chance to work and a pay check.

Today is the twins' 6th homecoming anniversary. We had a special meal and cake, but I didn't think to take any pictures because Kayla and I left for AHG, and Kaleb left for swimming.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

How Cold is It?

We had plans for today, but cancelled them due to the cold. I know that sounds funny since we live in Florida, but we're in the panhandle, and it's 35F right now and going to fall another 5 degrees tonight.

I heard from a friend in the Northeast, and she'd gotten 36 inches of snow in the last 24 hours and while she has electricity, many people don't.

What's the weather like were you live?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Meet Sadie Rose

We have several pets at our house. All of them have come from shelters. I wasn't really looking for a new one when we volunteered at the shelter in another county (it's much friendlier than ours!) on Monday. But one was looking for us.

We currently have some pretty cool dogs--and a cat that tolerates us.

Sasha, almost 2 and Travis, almost 3

Travis (these pictures were taken right after his first haircut. He's much scruffier now.)


Caspian and Sasha sharing a taco!

We recently lost a cat we'd had for 16 years.

Today we went to walk dogs and play with cats at the shelter.

This one is the one we adopted

Tyler is a cat magnet! 

The black and white dog I was walking was a real sweetie. She's between 4&8 years old and ended up at a rescue place in 2014. She was transferred to this shelter a month or so ago. It's time for her to have a home. I had decided if we were to ever add another dog to the family, he/she would have to be at least a year old. That way we'd know how big the dog would really be and know the personality, plus he/she would be house trained and ready to play. It would also have to be a dog that had waited but not been chosen. 
 She is sweet, playful, house trained and walks well on a leash.
After some debate, we've named her Sadie Rose. Her name was Baby, but I can't see me yelling that out the door, and we give our pets people names. 

After some disputes over territory etc, they dogs decided they could be around each other when I got out my crunchy Chinese noodles to share.
 She is the biggest of the four, weighing in at 26 pounds. Sasha is the smallest at 11 pounds.