Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not Just One Favorite

Sort of Random again here today. I was trying to think of my favorite books and of course that led me to thinking about my favorite everything. And I wonder how people make those long lists of favorite because I can't narrow it down and it changes anyway. I go through different phases. Like many years ago I read historical fiction. A lot. And now I don't read it at all. I don't do Amish fiction but I did read one just because I could get it free for my Kindle. Have you ever tried to think of your real favorites? Or narrow it to just one? Easier said that done. So here's what I came up with--plus lots of random thoughts!!

Let's start easy- Favorite animated movies:

  • Tangled

  • Princess and the Frog

  • Bolt

  • Kung Fu Panda

  • Toy Story 3

  • Despicable Me see? not just one. if i had to pick one right now it would be Tangled because I've watched it at the theater 3 times recently. but that could change in a few months.

Other movies: uh, can't think of many

  • Spy Next Door

  • Voyage of the Dawn Treader

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth

  • National Treasure

  • I forgot the new Karate Kid
TV Series: okay, weird thing-i don't like watching TV shows. i wait until the whole season is out on DVD. i don't like feeling i have a commitment to watch something at the same time each week.

  • NCIS (just finished season 7)

  • Mentalist (on season 2)

  • Murder She Wrote--no longer on TV of course

  • Diagnosis Murder-same

  • Jetsons

  • Flintstones

Books-genre: Christian suspense

Favorite authors:

  • Brandilyn Collins

  • Terri Blackstock

  • Dee Henderson

  • Irene Hannon

  • Karen Kingsbury

  • Angie Hunt (not the historical ones)

  • Mark Mynheir

Books I read as a child:

  • Snip, Snap, Snur

  • Flicka, Ricka, Dicka (anyone ever hear of those?)

  • Sugar Creek Gang

  • Danny Orlis and one other similar set, something with Felicia or Felicity in the title I think

  • Nancy Drew

  • Trixie Belden

  • Maida (my mom's set from childhood)

  • Kay Tracy (same)

  • Penny Parker (same)

  • Cherry Ames (same)

Music: Contemporary Christian (and some hymns) Praise and Worship


  • Chris Tomlin

  • Lincoln Brewster

  • Addison Road

  • Steven Curtis Chapman (some)

Reading right now or in my waiting books pile:

  • Plot and Structure James Scott Bell

  • Deadly Disclosures Julie Cave

  • In Harm's Way Irene Hannon

  • Night Shade Ronie Kendig

  • Vicious Cycle Terri Blackstock

  • Leaving Karen Kingsbury

  • Fatal Judgment Irene Hannon

Favorite Color this is always hard because it depends on if it's a room, clothes etc my overall favorite is blue but I also like purple for clothes I wear more rose & blue or rose & black I like light blue & yellow together

Favorite places we've lived:

  • England

  • Okinawa

  • South Dakota in the summer!!

  • Worst--Grand Forks, ND!!!!

Favorite places to visit:

  • St Louis

  • Key West (was only there briefly so maybe i wouldn't like it if i was there longer)

  • Colorado Springs

Actors/Actresses ??


  • ham and pineapple pizza

  • pumpkin pie

  • peanut butter fudge

  • Chick fil A

  • Long John Silvers we don't have one here though

  • bacon

Bible translation:

  • New International Version

  • New Living Translation

Book of the Bible: Judges if God can use those guys, he can use anyone!

Bible verses:

  • No, O people, the Lord has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8 instructions for God's chosen people that I've borrowed for me

  • For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11 a promise to the Jews in exile that I've borrow for me

  • but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

There are probably a lot more favorites I could list and a lot more randomness I could share, but there's work to be done. Leave a comment with some of your favorites. I'll probably think of a lot more to add to my lists after I see yours.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Just Stuff

Finally, post not about Tangled. I really, really like that movie. You can read more about it on my blog for girl's HERE and leave a comment too!! Jessica decided to take the three little ones to the air show this weekend. Jasmine decided not to go because loud noises physically hurt her ears. She would have been okay though because Jessica had to work at noon so she left before the actual demonstrations started. Kayla, not knowing there was an air show in the plans, woke up and started telling one of the other children, "I peed myself" over and over. I don't know what she hoped to accomplish because her PJs were dry and didn't smell. But I told her that since she knows lying is wrong she must be telling the truth so she wouldn't be able to go to the air show because she needed to shower and take her "wet" bedding to the washer. So it was only Jessica and Kaleb who went. Kaleb started asking Jessica to buy him drinks even after she told him she didn't have any money. She finally told him if he asked again they'd leave, so he decided he could be content looking at the planes. Later in the day there were bombing and flying demonstrations and the actual air show. I realized right at the end that we had a great view from our back steps. Now we'll know that for next year. My dogs watched the whole thing (or cowered under the steps during it). It was a really lazy day at home. The little ones get their third quarter report cards today. The twins especially have learned so much. They went from not knowing their letters and numbers to learning all the letters and sounds, blending words and counting to 100 by 1s, 5s and 10s.

Max has found a new nap spot--the trampoline (when not in use of course).

Saturday, March 26, 2011


This horse reminds me of the one I ride for my very occasional lessons.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I've seen Tangled three times now. This has to be my favorite song.


Blah. That describes our week. Jasmine's cough continues, but she has no fever. I'm hoping it will clear up. I've given her an assortment of cough and allergy meds. Nothing seems to help. Tea either.

Dealing with adult-child-at-home issues has not been fun. I have one that is working full time, making way more money than I do--since I work as a freelance writer and there haven't been many sales lately, that's not saying much. But he spends it ALL on himself. He's been borrowing another child's bike and blew the tire. When he was told he needed to go by a tube and tire, he was indignant. Why was he the bad guy? Duh. If you borrow something and it breaks, gets damaged etc, you are responsible. He had a major attitude over $25 even though he'd just gotten a $300 paycheck!! No offer to help with any of his living expenses, still wants us to buy him new work pants. Get real. To me, if you're at home working full time and not in college, you need to be helping out. We haven't even asked that of said child.

My other adult children are in college, barely working--not because they are lazy but because hours were seriously cut--and are totally broke. Opposite situations among the children. And I think it really goes back to attachment issues but that's a whole 'nother post.

So, that's the kind of week I've had. Nothing to take pictures of. We are mostly in count down mode--until Jasmine's surgery, until the last day of school, until the recital, until our trip to IN etc. Still, trying to live each day as it comes rather than just looking ahead so we don't miss the moments.

Anyone doing anything exciting?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I've put some countdowns on the side of my blog to keep track of things. If I ever lose my calender, I'm lost!

Twins--are doing pretty well. There's a lot they still need to learn before 1st grade next year. They are supposed to be doing three letter blends now! (thr, str etc) They test the boundaries at times and we still watch for bonding issues. People think we are overboard but I know from past experience that we are not.

Jasmine--has surgery Thursday April 7. Pray for very good health between now and then or they'll cancel it. It's right before state testing but that can't be helped. Her dr is actually retired now but is still doing the surgeries for the little ones he started with as babies. She is struggling with the last quarter push and with math. She needs to raise $1,100 more for her summer mission trip.

Adam--has started tumbling and gymnastics at the gymnastics place. He's a natural at tumbling but didn't want to pursue it when he was young because he didn't want to work that hard : ) Now he wishes he had. It's too late for team or anything, but fun to do. He is job hunting and I've told him after he has the job he can do his drug course and take the driver's permit test.

Jeff--was unable to get his permit because we don't have proof of his citizenship. I filed a N 600 but haven't heard back. He goes to basic training May 9. He is work almost full time at BK.

Jessica--is in the final push of her freshman year of college. She isn't working nearly as many hours as she'd like because she needs off some weekends for Explorers activities. She's very much in to Explorers. She is currently secretary and treasurer and I believe she was voted the same for next year. She needs about $800 more for her mission trip. Her starting amount was less because she's a leader.

Tyler--will age out of Explorers in July when he turns 21. He has applied to UWF but has to get his transcripts sent. He's very hesitant but need to do this. He is ADHD and aspergers so life can be a challenge.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I've mentioned before that both Tyler and Jessica are in the Police Department Explorers program. It's for kids 9th grade until they turn 21 who are interested in police work--but you don't really have to be. Tyler joined just because it was interesting. It not only provides classroom and practical training on things like arrest procedure, domesticate violence, bomb searches and stuff like that but it also provides a lot of community involvement. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas the Explorers patrol the mall and walk people to their cars if desired, the color guard marches in parades, they help with safety days and two weekends ago they were the parking and gate attendants at the Scottish Festival. I paid the $10 to get Jasmine and I in just to get pictures of my crew.

This is their friend Anthony who is now in a relationship with Jessica. They've been friends since she joined a little over a year ago and they became closer friends after surviving the Explorer's boot camp together. Anthony is the color guard captain for next year. He's also vice president of Explorers for next year.

This is Tyler. He will age out of the program this year. He shaved before our not-so-great church directory picture Friday.

They were playing some sort of game where you throw a hay bale over the cross bar. I've only been to Scotland once it was for two days in 1988.

The guy in the kilt is the Sgt in charge of Explorers.

Jessica was in charge of the handicapped parking. She is a criminology major in her freshman year at college.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting Ready

Today was church directory pictures, and I thought it would be a good chance to get a family portrait. Wrong. We got everyone clothes that more or less went together, got all the hair done and everyone dressed. Olan Mills took the pictures at our church. And they were mediocre. I mean, even Walmart does better. Now I wish I'd taken some at home before we went. But all I have are these few of the little ones getting ready. For some reason the bigger ones didn't want me taking pictures of them getting ready : )

If the church hadn't been doing the directory, I would have gotten pictures taken at Sears. They would have done much better and I would have been able to afford the pictures. I don't think I could get everyone to go through it again. We are having some issues here that I can't really post about right now. Those of you who know the situation understand. After the photo shoot, we all went to the Chinese buffet except Rick who had to go back to work. The buffet was a hit.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So Much Excitement...

Okay, not really. It's spring break but we have nothing big planned. So here's what we've done.

On Monday I took Adam, Jasmine and the twins went to the bay. Jessica worked. Tyler and Jeff slept until noon. Jeff worked in the afternoon.

We had new kites to fly. Jasmine chose Batman over all the girly kites.

The water is too cold to swim but Kaleb chose to throw the ball into the water on purpose, so I made him go after it : ) Adam helped him. They were cold but it was 74F so while the water was icy, the air wasn't. Hopefully--lesson learned. Don't be a stinker.

On Tuesday I took Tyler, Adam, Jasmine and the twins to the cheap theater to watch yogi. Jessica was working and so was Jeff (Jessica works at the theater and Jeff at BK). We went to the first showing. The first show of the day is only $1. Popcorn and drinks are only $1 on Tuesdays too. We never get those because it's cheaper to fill the bucket and get a large drink and refill it. But every other mother with four or more children decided to come to the $1 show on $1 popcorn day. It was PACKED. We waited over 30 minutes for a drink refill during the movie. Yogi and Tangled were both sold out.

Today we went to our favorite beach.

It will take a couple of months of hot weather for the water to be warm, but it was perfect for kicking around the soccer ball, playing Frisbee and building sand castles.

Adam was in a diving mood.

I have a penguins kite.

Tomorrow is just a catch up day around home and then on Friday we have the church directory portrait. Hmm. Think we can get nine people smiling at the camera at the same time? Maybe if they think about going to the Chinese buffet afterwards....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. I'm glad the dr agrees Jasmine is ready for surgery. 2. I miss writer's conference. It's one time I fit in. 3. I hope Jasmine's name gets drawn for the charter school. Lottery shortly. 4. I'm proud of my two oldest ones who are in Explorers. Thursday night they were hostages on a school bus at a closed airport for real life swat training. Today they are security at a festival. 5. I hope someone gives Jessica and I a contract for Kidnapped in Haiti. 6. I am surviving without regular soda so stop preaching at me about how unhealthy diet is. I have to die from something. 7. I wish it were warmer for spring break. 8. Tangled was really good. I wasn't sure if I'd like it since Rapunzel isn't one of my favorites. I don't even really know the story. 9. I want my gall bladder back. 10. I hope a lot of people buy my quiz book when it comes out in July because the publisher doesn't really believe in this book as much as I'd like. 11. My shoulder is really sore. My horse spooked yesterday and dropped down. I chose to go off rather than possibly under. My instructor said it was a good looking fall. That's how my mind is working today. Share some of the random thoughts that are running through your mind.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I think we are all ready

for this neck thing to be over with!! Jasmine goes to Shands on the 18th to set the surgery date. We have church directory pictures the same day!! I was hoping this would be behind us by then. We have dance photos too. Ugh. Not sure about those.

Rick has been building with Lincoln Logs with the twins.

Jessica's all dressed up to go out with Anthony. They are both Explorers and last night they, along with Tyler, were "hostages" on a school bus at the old airport for training for the real swat team here in town.
I found a book review site and they reviewed three of my books HERE.