Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More Puppy Cuteness and End of the School Year Type Stuff

Here are two short videos of Travis. He is such a playful puppy.

I missed posting this picture last time. This is everyone getting ready to watch "Wreck it Ralph" Friday evening before Adam left for the marine thing in Montgomery. If you've watched it, you know the movie is all about candy. I wanted to get bunch, but Jasmine's braces make her favorite candies off limits. So I only got one gummy type candy and got some other things--equally sugary and lacking in nutrition--for the kids.

I know you've seen more photos of Travis than you want, but he's just so cute. He's like a mini Scrappy.  Scrappy was full grown when we got him, so we don't really know what he looked like though. But you can see the dacshund in both.

This little cutie loves to play and be with people.

Travis and Kiara like to play together. They are the least likely  playmates! 50 lbs and 4 lbs.  She lets Travis bite her. He goes for her mouth. She does an open mouth bite back at him.

He'll let her know if she gets too rough.

Here they are biting each other's faces!

Tomorrow is Adam's sign language show and I'm also meeting a new friend for lunch. The problem here is that I don't fit in with any of the women's groups. The ones who have kids the twins' age are 20 years younger than me. The ones my age are long done raising children, and they have one or two "normal" children. Sometimes not a lot to talk about. I can only talk shopping and such for a short amount of time.

  There's a 5K this weekend, but I'm afraid people haven't practiced much for it, so not sure how it's going to go. Only Tyler, Jessica and Jasmine are running. Adam didn't sign up because he thought he had another activity Saturday, but he doesn't. Hopefully I'll have some photos that are of more than the puppy next time.

I'm still processing some information about one of the older kids who has been in a relationship for five months now without telling us. Obviously they don't have to, but if you hide it for five months, you probably know there's problems with it. Sigh. I kind of feel out of sorts because I'm very close to the child, and we talk about everything, and have actually talked this person and the fact the person doesn't believe in God. It might be easier if the non believer wasn't someone I know and like. Don't know if others of you have been in that situation.

We are counting down to:

Rock band festival at Jasmine's school May 10
Spring fling at the twins' school May 11
Jasmine's band concert May 14
twins' birthday May 15
Jasmine's incentive trip to a water park May 16
graduation Sunday at church May 19
Adam's last day May 23
Jasmine's field day May 24
Adam's graduation May 29
twins' field day May 31
official last day of school June 5 (Taking Jasmine out the 4th)
Meeting a friend at Disney June 5
Cruise June 6


One Crowded House said...

I hate that icky feeling when you find out something about your kids that they haven't been telling. You are right, we can't monitor every moment of their lives- especially when they are older, but you would hope that they would feel comfortable sharing things with you.

We loved Wreck it Ralph :)

Kathy C. said...

Yes. And normally we talk about everything so sad she couldn't share this. We've been talking about it just a little the past couple of days. But there's not easy solution--other than pray God grabs this guys heart.