Friday, May 10, 2013

Work and Play

We were all excited about the beach tomorrow, but I see that the weather forecast is saying 60% chance of rain tomorrow and Sunday. Of course from Monday to Friday when everyone is at work or in school, there is 0% chance rain

Today was nice though. Jessica made a list of a bunch of outside jobs that needed done, went and got supplies and started them. She organized everyone to help her.

Jessica with 80 lbs of cement.

The base of the basketball hoop broke, so she dug and hole and cemented the pole in the ground. 

With Tyler helping. She sent him in to change into boots and long pants after this photo.

Tyler bought a marshmallow launcher for .75 at Goodwill. Jessica was cooking  supper while doing the outside jobs.

Ready, aim...

Kayla was a good helper too.

Hunter decided Tyler needed a shower.

Of course that started a water war.

I made a quick Taco Bell happy hour run for those who were helping. Jessica was making crock pot beef and broccoli and teriyaki wings that weren't  going to be done until 7 pm when we start family time.

Braces for the new shelf in the shed. Lots more to do with the sheds and yard. Plus the wooden fence is falling apart.

Can you tell she's been working all day?

We watched The Rise of the Guardians.
Last night we played Rummikub.

And had strawberry shortcake.

Adam is getting his announcements ready to send out.

Not sure what this weekend will actually hold for us due to the weather. No plans for Mother's Day. Jessica and Adam work. If they were off and the weather was nice, I would have liked to have taken out the jet ski for the first time this season. We're a little late getting it out.

Keep Jeff in your prayers this week. He is not making good choices for himself out on his own. He is part of the Ft Briggs unit in Afghanistan that lost five guys this week. Perhaps he will see that life is uncertain, and it's good to have values and beliefs to hang on to in these times.


Anonymous said...

You've raised some awesome adults. I can only pray that my crew grows up to be a tenth of who your kids are today.
Wanna borrow a few a my kids? Between you and Jessica,youd have my kids walkin straight and acting right. I wanna know your tricks, I know youve got some.

One Crowded House said...

I love that Jessica knows how to do all that stuff already!

Kathy C. said...

She is certainly capable of doing things I never learned to do. And she enjoys projects.

Kathy C. said...

Thanks anon.

For some reason your comment went to spam and I didn't realize it at first.

BIG DOG said...

You kids did a terrific Job!