Monday, April 29, 2013

Puppy, Bike Rodeo and Challenges

In the last post, I posted a comment that was left for me by a reader. I was hoping some of you would take a couple of minutes and share with that reader what has worked or not worked for you concerning stealing. I know many of you have or are dealing with it. Different things may work for different children.

There has been a lot of things going on this week. I have photos of some things and not of others.
School pictures came back and I think this one came out well. I told Kayla we'd take one of her, so she'd have one too, but in the meantime she shaved her head. We will still do a picture, but will wait a while so she has some hair.

Adam went to Montgomery (about 5 hours away) all day Saturday. The different marine recruits competed against each other. Our guys didn't do so well.  Adam only did the 800 and did pretty well at it, but I guess a lot of guys from our area aren't really athletic.

We had a bike rodeo Saturday. We had a lot of self sabotaging behavior at it. Kaleb left his previous helmet in the dog area  at home and it was eaten. Really. So we'd looked forward to him getting a new helmet. At the bike rodeo, the helmets are free. We could buy one of course, but getting to get fitted and choose one is a lot of fun. Except that Kaleb insisted on a preschool helmet that didn't fit him. It doesn't go over his head at all. But he absolutely had to have it. Even knowing it didn't fit and he couldn't bike with it. So he got the helmet. But it was kind of senseless since he can't wear it so still has no helmet. I think he will work to earn a new one so he can ride this summer. Or he will have to wear an outgrown one of the girls.

We are getting some very stubborn behavior from little Mr. Kaleb. He's been on red the past three weeks at school with no break. So it's not just here at home, it's at school too. He was doing great until he got signed up for the Pirate field trip (which he ended up losing) and was signed up for hot lunch. It's like those two privileges went to his head and now he is sabotaging everything. He's lost fun day at school again this week. His class is eating in the room Thursday and watching some movies, but his teacher has said his behavior has downward spiraled into all sorts of behaviors I won't go into here, but are being addressed in a good cooperation between his teacher and us.
Kayla let them fit her and got a youth helmet that fits well but has a bit of growing room too. They'd originally tried to  fit this helmet to Jasmine, but it was too small. Jasmine ended up needing an adult size.

The bikes went through a safety check, and then the police officers did some activities with the kids.

They had left over helmets in the smallest sizes and adult sizes and let other people who were there but not taking part get helmets. Jasmine was the oldest of the bikers I think. It's too bad more preteens didn't come because they had a lot of helmets that size to give away. Tyler got a new helmet.

Jessica and I got new helmets too. Mine is in pretty good shape but it's often borrowed by those who can't find theirs.

Kayla and Jasmine's helmets

The dogs were happy to see us when we got home. For some reason, Caspian is scared of the new puppy. Funny because we thought Travis and Caspian would be playmates because Kiara is so much bigger than Caspian.

Yet it's Travis and Kiara who play together.

The girls did some more biking together when they got home.

Kayla's behaviors have been up and down. Hers are different than Kaleb. She has been  consistently on green at school, which is great. She just has a few issues with taking things here that mess her up. She sure did enjoy having a fun day out though so hopefully she'll decide it's worth it.

We have to put him up here to eat, or he runs off to play without eating. This is Rick's little fridge from his office which we are using while we go through round 3 of fridge repairs.

This is my step grand daughter Phoenix who is a year older than the twins. She's dressed up for a daddy -daughter dance.

Phoenix, age 8, and Griffin who will be 6 in August and start kindergarten next fall.
Jessica was supposed to be at a "Finding Hidden Bodies" seminar today for forensics, but after searching all over campus for it, she found out it was at a branch of the campus and it was too late to get out there for it. So that was disappointing. She is really stressing this last week of school.

Tyler is on his fourth week of work. He has to take a day off this week for dental. Our southern Baptist convention has a bus that travels around FL providing free care for people without insurance. Unfortunately, the bus is three hours away this week, but Ty's having a lot of pain in a couple of teeth so he's going to have to do this or pay for the repairs from a local dentist. Hard to know which to do in this case. But he went to the bus a few weeks ago when it was much closer and they did a good job with him. I wish we'd known about this bus before. He dropped off of Rick's insurance when he dropped out of college a year ago.

There's a lot coming up and I'll try to post photos as we go.

What do you have between now and the end of the school year? Anyone graduating? Adam graduates May 29.

Happy 20th birthday to Jeff today. This is his first birthday home from Haiti-1998.


Dada said...

Is it possible that Kaleb is feeling end-of-the-year blues because he is worried of all the changes that are happening?

Kathy C. said...

I don't think he realizes how close we are to the end. He was getting a lot of positive imput for his good conduct and it's like one day he decided that wasn't for him anymore! It's crazy because he has a chance to start over fresh each day, but continues to do the same negative behaviors. I guess I wonder what he gets out of it that makes him continue it. I'm sure a lot goes through these little guys heads that we never know about. We just try to pick up on any clues as to what's going on. I'm sure the pressure is turned up at school as they have to complete so much curriculum before the end of the year and maybe he's reacting to that.

kayder1996 said...

I'm with Dada. End of the year signals a lot of negative behavior in kids, often stemming from anxiety over what the summer will hold. Even in your situation where he will have structure and consistency during summer, I wouldn't rule out that anxiety over the change creeping in.

Kathy C. said...

I don't know. He can't give me an answer. Either he doesn't know or doesn't have the words. I got in his face last night and asked him why he was continuing the negative behavior even then when it wasn't getting him anything. He said back what he's heard me say--when he gets privileges, he starts acting out. I asked him to think about why that might be and let me know. The privileges aren't the kind to cause stress. You just get to do more and have more trust.

Kath said...

I graduate July 12th! Although my last exam, and course finish date is May 20th :)

Kathy C. said...

Yay! Only 3 more weeks of school. Finish strong!