Sunday, May 19, 2013

Armed Forces Day/Haitian Flag Day

 Saturday was both Armed Forces Day (United States) and Haitian Flag Day (Haiti). At 8:20 a.m. I realized that it was Armed Forces Day, and that meant it was the day of the family run that we've done the past few years. And I had 40 minutes to get everyone dressed and moving if they wanted to do it. At first no one was interested, but then one decided to go, so we made a new game plan. Everyone going to the beach would run, and then we'd go to the beach from there. (The beach we went to is quite a ways away) So that meant packing all the beach stuff in a hurry too. I'd been up since 6:00 but hadn't really started getting stuff ready yet.

 We got to the track where the run is always held exactly at start time, and not one person was there. We quickly went to the other track and there they were--taking off. They'd changed the track this year. All the posters and ads had the wrong track (and several had it for an hour later!). Thankfully it's not a race, just a run. The kids run different mileages according to their age. Kayla's age only ran a mile, but she ran two with the rest of us. We did not stretch out and the littler ones got away with it, but I paid for it with leg cramps.

They gave out shirts and had everyone pull the shirts over what they were wearing, but we didn't have time. So we stood out in a sea of white shirts.

Jasmine was not thrilled to be running, but she did fine.

Jessica had a meeting at work, and we were going to stop by and wait for her--unhappily. We got there and found out (after waiting 20 minutes) it was schedule for 45 minutes later so by the time it was over, she wouldn't have had time to go to the beach and be back to work at 3:00, which is crazy anyway because the shifts are either 12-6, 12 to close or 6 to close, and she has been working 6 to close. The 3:00 shift came out of nowhere. And this is the only day she had to be there at 3:00 of course.
By time we got to the beach, it was noon and we only had two hours before we had take Jessica back to work. Erg. Two hours is not nearly long enough.

We grilled hot dogs and marshmallows.
The jetties.

I didn't get many pictures of Jessica because she was underwater.

Playing with her sand toys from her birthday.
In the evening we had cookies and did a few small fireworks for Haitian Flag Day. 

Kiara is not a fan of fireworks.

Ty is our fireworks guy.

So that was our Saturday. A pretty busy day.

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