Monday, May 13, 2013

The Weekend

We knew it was going to rain Saturday, but the forecast said the rain was going to start around noon. The beach Jessica wanted to snorkel at is about 45 minutes away, so we left at 9:00 hoping to get into the water at 10:00 and have a couple of hours even though it was overcast. Only Jasmine ventured out with us knowing we would get rained on.
It started raining about 15 minutes after we left home. We stopped at a beach anyway since this is the second Saturday in a row our beach trip has been rained out. The one we were going to is at a state park, so it cost $8 to get in, and we knew we wouldn't stay long in the rain, so we stopped at a closer, free beach since we were in suits, and I wanted to take pictures. 

We only stayed about 15 minutes. They didn't want to get wet knowing we weren't staying long in the rain.

Then we headed to McDonald's and shared a breakfast combo three ways.

While we were at McDonald's, we changed into regular clothes and debated what to do. We headed to a popular shopping area and got marshmallows covered in caramel and chocolate. That's all we bought. We checked the movie theater there because Jessica said she'd take me to a movie for Mother's Day, and Jasmine could tag along using her allowance money. We realized it would be much cheaper to go to a local theater. We go free to the $2 theater Jessica works at, but there was nothing decent playing. So we planned to go to one of the regular theaters.

My dad died May 11, 1988 (seven weeks before my wedding) after having suffered strokes and deteriorating health for the previous five years. I was aware that Saturday was May 11 but for some reason I started thinking about it at McD and about broke down. I talked with the girls about it. Some times it hits me, some times not. I'll write more about my dad in a later post. It's complicated.

We drove home and grilled the hot dogs we planned to grill on the beach.

After grilling the hot dogs, we went to see "The Croods."

When we got home, it was sunny of course. Jessica had to leave for work, and the  little ones played outside.  Kaleb borrowed Kayla's flowered helmet since he did not get one that fit him at the give away. (If you read about the bike rodeo you read that story)

Jasmine on her Power Wing.

Some friends from down the street came to play.

Kiara actually took the time to teach Travis to dig. Grrrr. One of Jessica's projects is to fill in all the holes--starting to look like craters--and break the dogs of the digging habit.

We had pizza for Mother's Day.

Tyler got a hair cut! Much better for his outdoor work.

The kids went back out to play. Jasmine hasn't quite  mastered the pogo stick. This one is for bigger  kids and she hasn't gotten the hang of it.

But she's a little too big for the twins' pogo sticks.

Kaleb hasn't been able to stay on it at all. But he hasn't practiced either. He tends to not  try things that require  a lot of effort. Yes, he is wearing the same outfit as yesterday. If the littles don't put their clothes in the dirty clothes basket I don't get them out a clean outfit. Kind of like at the hotel where throwing the towel on the floor means you want a new one, but hanging it up means you will reuse it.

A neighbor tied to help Kaleb. But Kaleb just wasn't motivated to learn. The neighbor boys are quickly mastering the pogo sticks so maybe if Kaleb is the only one who can't do it, he'll work harder. I prefer the kids to play out rather than sit around inside. I don't think Kayla can do the pogo stick either. She was not out with us.

Jasmine on her slither. She has three types of scooters, and she really likes them.

We have one neighbor who lets her dog and her toddlers run around unattended.  Saturday the dog went after a not-so-friendly neighbor. I'm surprised he didn't do anything about it because when our dogs found a way out of our fence, he came to our door to yell at me. Sunday the dog went after Jasmine. I had come inside, but the lady next door (mom to the boy on the pogo stick) was out. Jasmine was not hurt becasue at that time she had on long pants, and the dog bit the pants. I told her to open the gate and let Kiara out next time because Kiara has become very territorial and she would have sent that dog packing (even though it's a bit bigger). The neighbor called animal control, and the dog owner found out, so she put the dog inside and left in her car so she wouldn't be here. She is getting a citation though. Her 3-year-old was picked up by the sheriff out wandering in the middle of the night once, and the neighbor who called animal control today said he'd come to her door at 10 p.m. by himself a few nights ago and no one was even watching him. I haven't seen him out, but that's because I'm in by 10 with my own kids.
I decided we should watch "Tangled" today for Mother's Day since Mother Gothel has to be about the worst mother there is. 

Our fridge has gone out three times. (It's the old one we bought when ours died a few months ago). It's the same piece each time so they ordered a different style of piece made for these older fridges. So we were without a fridge the past three weeks. Then our AC went out two days ago so now we have fans going. Same day my desk top computer went out and a day later my laptop started acting up. The fridge was fixed yesterday finally. Rick worked on my desktop last night. Lap top and AC still out.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

PS Jessica has three classes that are only offered in the summer. Her summer classes start today! The others don't even get out of school for a few more weeks.


One Crowded House said...

looks like you had a busy fun filled weekend....

Kathy C. said...

It was busy but wish it would have cooperated for the beach!