Saturday, May 4, 2013

Running, Eating and Playing

 Quite a bit of coming and going this week. 
Tyler went to the dental bus run by the Southern Baptist and ended up having two teeth pulled. He has one tooth in front that needs filled, but they ran out of time. He hasn't felt really peppy during our family times due to the extractions.

The evening fun time always involves food. Sometimes not so healthy and other times more healthy. I don't really post the healthy snacks because a plate of apple slices just isn't as exciting as crescent rolls baked with chocolate chips and marshmallows inside.

Why eat out of your own bowl when you can topple into the big dogs' food and eat theirs out of the container?

Friday nights we often eat supper while watching a movie for our fun time. This week we watched  a very family oriented film called "The Perfect Game." It's a little league movie based on a true story. Maybe not the most exciting movie, but good values, a "God message" which doesn't hit you over the head, no swearing or anything else you wouldn't want your kids to see. After that one, we watched "Hotel Transylvania" just for fun.

Mexican this week.

Kaleb can really pack away the food.

The girls work together to make banana boats.

This one used peanut butter chips.

This one used chocolate chips. With all this food, now you know why we normally do active Wii games and Just Dance.

Today there was a 5K run. Jasmine did not really appreciate Jessica's help in stretching out.
The weather went from cold and gloomy to cold and rainy!

But they ran anyway.

Despite some pain from the extractions, Tyler was still first in his age group. All the runners were soaked. I was standing under the edge of a building. Notice the uphill finish.

He went back to cheer Jessica on. 

Then Jessica went back and ran Jasmine in. It was nice to see them support each other.

Jessica got second in age group. They gave out mugs. Very few races we've been in give out trophies anymore. Sometimes medals and often mugs.

Tyler got first in age group.

We ended up having an all day family time except that Adam was gone to Marine training and then work so we barely saw him.  We planned to go to the beach because Jessica didn't work until late, but then the weather did not cooperate. So we watched Alpha and Omega, followed by G Force. Then anyone who wanted to used their allowance, pay, spare change etc and Jessica did a DQ run.

But if you peed down my air conditioner vent so the smell is now through the whole house, you did jobs because it's going to take some time and money to fix the problem. Some really screwy behaviors the last couple of months, but I am trying to act, not react (or at least that is the goal) to the behaviors.

I told her to smile, it's just a game. But I guess this is her game face! Concentration--but it looks more like pain to me!

Travis played grab mommy's shorts and hang on.
Sometimes these two get along great, other times not so great. Thankfully today was a get along day.

Here are a couple of short clips from Adam's sign language show. He's the school mascot in the first video. Can you tell he's not a shy child?


Christine said...

We seriously need to get our families together sometime. Julia, Rachel and I read your blog and always love the food ideas you come up with. Not to mention all the games too! Hopefully one day....
Thanks for always sharing.

Kathy C. said...

We are on the opposite ends of the U.S. : ) We seem to have a lot in common though!