Thursday, May 9, 2013

Is it Really Only Thursday?

This week is endless. Or so it seems. Not sure why. Maybe just the junk behaviors, the never ending hives and some sinus grunge. So just a long week here.
See, sometimes we have healthier snacks.

Don't they look thrilled to be at family time? : )

Apples are a good excuse to have caramel!

Those are good and plenties (candy) by Jessica, not  pills.

Ty has been taking the trolley home from work so doesn't get home until two hours after he's off! I wish it didn't take so long, but he has to wait for the next trolley and then ride it for quite a ways. We still end up picking him up at a Walmart ten minutes away. He still gets dropped at work in the morning because the trolley doesn't go that early, but it's a half hour drive, so Adam and Jasmine have to leave a bit earlier too to get dropped off after Tyler. The goofy thing is, Rick goes almost right by Jasmine's school, but it's too early to drop her so he has to take her  back across town to the transfer bus (and then she rides all the way back) so he can get to work on time.

Tyler wants to buy a scooter for transportation. Anyone have any experience with them? I'm a bit leery.

This is the best picture I got of them playing tug of war. It doesn't show Kiara's head, but if her head is in the picture, you can't see the ball. Travis has a funny little growl.

He has so much energy. I was trying to do a couple of things, and he was being so helpful (sarcasm)--untying my shoes, chewing on my camera download cord etc. so I put him on the cat tree. He hasn't figured out how to get down.

Jessica was trying to get Kaleb to do something active.

Well, now that Ty is in this job, Job Corp left a message for him to call them. If it's reopened, he'll  have to  decide whether to go or stay here with this job.

This is Jessica's friend Hunter.

I am working on a fiction book right now. I sent it for critique and I have a lot of work to do on character development. So I'll be working on that the next couple of months. I have a family devotion book idea that is being considered, and I'd really love the contract. Most of the regional parenting publications I wrote for have ceased publication. So have the Christian magazines I used to write for. Even Focus on the Family's teen magazines stopped publication about three years ago. It's a tough time economically for a lot of people.

The weather has been really nice, and I'm hoping that holds through the weekend. Jasmine has a big event at her school tomorrow. It's a "Rock band" competition. It's mostly just a fun time for the kids with activities and food (which all costs money) and then a play off between bands. 

I'm not sure what we're doing yet Saturday, but I'd love to get to the beach. 

What's up this weekend for you?


One Crowded House said...

we have Tristan's birthday this weekend.

I haven't ever been on a scooter- but many people around here drive them.

Kath said...

I have my first final on Monday morning, so my weekend will be filled with studying!

Kathy C. said...

I've nver ridden one either, Tanya, and neither has he.

Study hard Kath. The end is in sight!