Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy Three Kings Day

Happy Three Kings Day

Tyler put out a shoe for his cat. Thankfully I had one little sample size bag of kitty treats, so she got it. But then that meant the dogs needed treats too : )

Adam, Kaleb and Scrappy in this room.

Jessica, Jasmine, Kayla, Kiara and Caspian in this room!

I'm not going to say much else about Three Kings in this post because I said it all in past posts. You can read what I've said in the past:

Jasmine got her braces on Thursday. There was one tooth they didn't do because it had a weird  finish on it so they wanted it filled even though it wasn't decayed. It would have decayed under the bracket. There is also a tooth erupted in the area where the cleft was that may or may not come all the way in.

Jessica and I took Jasmine to Wonder Works after she got her braces on to take her mind off of them. We let Kaleb tag along since he's tried very hard to cooperate during vacation even when another one was trying to get him to go along with her sabotaging behaviors.

Pulling himself up with pulleys.

Extra large piano!

Extra large bubbles too!

I love the look of wonder as he sees the huge bubbles.

Space shuttle

I keep meaning to leave up one Nativity and put the wise men in it on Three Kings Day, but I never remember.

Remember the daily challenges? No one had to do them, but those who did were rewarded with food court dollars. Unfortunately I am dealing with sinus grunge and didn't feel like going to the food court, so Ty and Jessica did a fast food run for us.  The kids could choose to do all of the challenges or none or anything in between. Not only did we do Presidents, States and Capitols, math and countries of the world, we also awarded points for running time by how close each person came to their personal best. Tyler, Jessica, Adam and myself all scored in the top range. Kaleb tried almost all of the challenges but didn't know much of the information so we doubled his points including his running points so he could earn a treat too.

Tyler chose taco bell.

Adam chose Chinese.

Jasmine chose Chinese.

Jessica chose Chinese.

Kaleb chose Wendys.

Last night Jasmine's basketball coach took the team to the local college basketball game. They had fun and plan to do it again in two weeks.

Kaleb had his first game yesterday. Unfortunately he got a really bad attitude with Coach Daddy and had to be removed from the game for a while. It's weird, but sometimes privileges give the twins an unhealthy feeling of entitlement which turns them into brats. We remind them that they got the privilege because their behavior showed they could handle it and that the present behavior was not showing that. Does anyone else have that with their children? Not all privileges at our house have to be earned, but some do and sports that cost a lot of money is one of them.

Yesterday was my mom's 81st birthday. Unfortunately I don't have pictures since we're 900+ miles apart, but I hope my sister took some.

Tyler received notification that he has been accepted for Job Corps but has to wait until there is an opening. They gave no indication of how long that wait might be, so I don't know if it'll be in a month or six months. It's been helpful having him home to help with errands and school pick up duty, but he needs to get on with his life and this looks like the best option.

The kids are back to school tomorrow. Hopefully with a daily challenge each day their brains didn't turn to mush.  When does your schedule go back to normal? (If there is such a thing as normal!)


One Crowded House said...

my girls' braces hurt so badly that first day...

We don't even do organized sports with our kids until they are in 5th and 6th grades, just because I know they could not handle it, and it would end up being a frustrating and expensive experience for us all.

We had done sports a little earlier with my bio kids- but even then, with our son that is 11- his attitude would often become a problem.

Since my husband LOVES sports- that has been hard for him to hold back and wait for them to be older. They play outside for a couple of hours every day and do taekwondo 2 to 3 times a week- so they are active- just not on "teams".

Kathy C. said...

Jasmine is doing better than expected with her braces.

I'm trying to have them do sports to have that to look forward to. They can't play more than 10 minutes together without total supervision and it gets old. If they are alone they are violating every rule they can. Kaleb showed us once again today that unless one of us is with him, he will look for ways to break rules. He will not be going to back to SS for a while because they do not need to have to deal with that.

I cannot even imagine mine doing any form of martial arts so if yours are, you are doing well!

kayder1996 said...

Hope Job Corps turns up something promising. And poor Jasmine and her mouth...ouch!

Kathy C. said...

I think he's headed to KY for welding.

Hevel Cohen said...

We, too started our kids with martial arts. One of the important thing they learn from it is self control. Now we have 6 in fencing, 2 in swimming, one in water polo, but we really limit team sports as well till they are older. One of the rules my family has for certain kids is that they can't be in activities or teams where Kevin or I are the adults in charge, because it can lead to much more trouble than if they are with a non-family member.

Kathy C. said...

Funny because with the twins we only let them do the sport if dad is coach. But that is because of inappropriate touch with adults on occasion and the sneaky manipulative behaviors that others sometimes think are cute and miss what's really happening.

Last year the twins didn't do any team sports but were in tumbling. That was good but even with Jessica being in there as an assistant, they still constantly touched the other kids, often on the bottom. There is also some waiting time taking turns and they'd use that to run crazy instead of standing in line. This year her schedule didn't let her help with tumbling so the twins aren't in it.