Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Three Kings Day

I'm not going to explain the holiday again but you can read last year's post here.

Jessica made Jasmine a hat and scarf in sewing class. Obviously they do more than just sew. She is working on a latch hook rug right now.

Shoes out for Three Kings' Day. More about this on last year's post.

Jessica reads about the Magi from Matthew 2.

Jasmine having monkey bread. I don't make a traditional Three King's Cake--this is it.

Adam with the Monkey Bread. Ty wasn't up yet. He doesn't start back to college until tomorrow and he waits until the others leave to get up.

Jessica brought the left over popcorn home from the theater. She hates to see them throw it all out. What we don't eat the goats will get.
I mentioned a while back that we had done the classes to recertify foster care and were given local approval to do respite care. However, Tallahassee says they must get our GA records before we are approved. They have contacted GA every week starting Sept 9 and GA is being totally uncooperative. So, as of yet we are not certified and it looks like we won't be because GA won't send them and Tallahassee won't accept us without. It really makes me angry when I see all these ads about needing foster parents and we finished our classes in early August.


One Crowded House said...

the monkey bread looks scrumptious...

It is very frustrating that GA won't send the records... I think perhaps you should call some state representatives, or senators or something- surely they would put in a call to the correct office for you.... ours were very helpful when we were going through stuff with Stevenson in Haiti.... they were good about following up as well- I think you should call the GA and Florida ones!

God's Grace said...

Boy that just burns me up Kathy!!! But maybe you will be receiving a couple blessings this year and will have no time for respite care....just a thought. Maybe the Lord is preparing your hearts now....