Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Busy Weekend!

Thursday night Jessica and I went to watch Adam's last regular game of the season. It was pretty cold--in the 40's.

Friday there was no school so we tried out the panini press I got from my sister for Christmas.  We grilled hamburgers on it one evening, but hadn't made sandwiches. This was roast beef and ham. Adam worked all day Friday and just saw this picture and couldn't believe he'd missed the paninis. We'll have to do it again. Maybe Monday since it's another day off of school.

Jessica did the cooking, then she worked closing Friday night and didn't get in until close to 11:30 and to bed until 12:30 a.m., then had to get up at 6:15 to get ready for the race. 

It was 47F when we got dressed for the race and about 53F when the race started.

Tyler helped Kaleb out.

Ready to run. Very colorful! Yep, I know Kayla is missing. She was trying to sabotage the day for herself. And she pretty much did. She pouted and poked around and missed the start of the race by six minutes. That was her choice, but it was kind of sad because this would have been the first 5K all the kids ran together.

Jessica checks out the race route. Many of the runners said there was a lot of small hills and the final stretch was uphill. A somewhat challenging run.

Ready! Over 200 were registered. I don't know how many showed up.

The three side by side--gold, blue and white all came in a few seconds apart. I don't really know what the first place guy was wearing.

Adam was third overall with a time of 19:02. He'd pulled a muscle in the back of his leg but I don't know how much that affected his time.

Tyler ran his fastest 5K-27:32.

Kaleb came in at 31:59. He was really focused.

I actually missed Jessica crossing the line but a friend got  a picture of her that I'll get later. Kaleb hadn't come out of the chute, and I was looking for him. Jessica came in at 32:52, so about one minute after Kaleb and I didn't notice : (

Jasmine looks beat. She came in at 38:28 which is about average for her.  Her words, "Never again." It was a tough course for her.

Love this photo. They can be best friends, and they can fight like siblings! Kaleb can sometimes have behaviors that  are a bit annoying. But today everyone got along fabulously. 

Everyone 14 and under got a medal just for running either the 1 mile or 5K.

Jessica got first for 20-24 females. She was 3 minutes ahead of the next one in.

Kaleb got second place in 10 and under boys. The good thing is that  he still has three more years in that age group!

We drove Jessica to work and got a Sbarros pizza. She works a double today so won't be home again until after 11:00. She's going to be really tired after little sleep last night, a 5K and then 10-11 hours of work.

We had to hurry to get Kaleb to his basketball game at the other end of town.  Coach Dad and Coach Adam  (he didn't work today so helped coach) with their team. Their uniforms are supposed to be purple but haven't come in yet even though it's almost halfway through the season.

Kaleb is quite a bit behind other boys his age in his behaviors. I don't know if it's due to the years in the orphanage or just him. He'd do better in the next younger age, but you can't play down, only up. Sometimes he just doesn't get it. But he had a good attitude out there this week (once he saw I was there watching).

Jessica is at work and Jasmine's coach took them to the basketball games at the college, so the rest of us got pizza for the second time today. Also got some frozen TGIF potato skins and wings. They watched Despicable Me. Kaleb has eaten a week's worth of food today! He got about 8 snacks at the race.

Adam went out with a group of friends to celebrate a friend's birthday. They went to Chilis.

Then Tyler left to go see Red Dawn and wait for Jessica to get off work.

Rick and Kaleb played Spiderman Sorry.

A final goodnight story.
Can you tell that it's been a crazy day? Right now Tyler, Jessica, Adam and Jasmine are all out. I'll feel better once they are all safely home for the night. Any other moms feel that way about theirs?


Hevel said...

When I am home I simply can't fall asleep before all the kids are in. It's impossible!

Rose Anne said...

Saul is still never went to a sleep over and I like for him to have kids over here because I can monitor activity. He has been a few friends house for up to 3 or 4 hrs during the day but that is all!

Kathy C. said...

Hevel--I should have said parents, not just moms. Dads too. I don't go to bed until they are all in. Even if I did, I'd probably wake up when they came in and then I wouldn't get back to sleep. But it's tough when Jessica comes in at almost midnight and we have to be up at 5:00 the next day.

Rose Anne--your turn is coming :)Jasmine is 11 but she's been out to college games with her team twice and tonight the youth group has movie night from 7-10 after evening church.

One Crowded House said...

what a busy weekend!!!!