Monday, January 28, 2013


On Friday the twins celebrated three years home.
Remember how Adam ended up with two birthday cakes? Well, this is the one we bought, redone for the twins.

Jasmine with her orchestra bells. She can hear a song and  with just a few tries, play it back on the bells.

Just Dance Disney

Home three years.

I told the kids that just the twins would blow out the candle.

A little ping pong action. The table takes up our whole family room except a little  room around the edges for the players.

It was beautiful weather outside this weekend.

Ready for church.

Adam's soccer team went to district, but they lost 0-5.

Jasmine finally got to do her presentation, but it didn't go on to city.  She told me that it was because she didn't get to present it, so I e-mailed the teacher just to check that. Here was her response.

Mrs. Cassel,
   It is true that Jasmine did not go to history fair but it was not due to her not being able to "do her project earlier." I had told her that I should of considered her project more closely and seriously.
 At the History Fair there was a lot of entries that pertained to Florida History/ N.A.S.A. There was Documentaries (same subject) like hers, Movies, Exhibits, Websites, etc.
Sometimes when there is a large influx of same theme or  subjects then judges will look at a project and see it as a topic that was run into the ground. As a teacher this also might happen.
Her project Documentary was very good...and I should of entered it in hind site.
Her work on the project was not typical of a 6th grader. As she presented it, I saw that she was well versed on her topic.  Again this is not typical of a 6th grader.
I am excited for her because she has 2 more years to created 2 more projects for History Fair. I am drooling with the possibility that she will only improve and will create a high quality project just like this last one. I told her I am going to put her Documentary on my Website as an examples of a great History Project.  
I am very proud her and I know so are you.

Still wish she'd have gotten to at least go on to city. I'll try to find the link to her project and post it.

Jasmine didn't feel well over the weekend and missed her basketball game and team pictures. Also a reception at church. She goes to Dothan tomorrow for an EEG to see if she's having petit mal seizures, so she'll miss school and probably her basketball game because she'll be there all day and it's quite a ways to go for an appointment, but I guess it's the closest pediatric neurologist. Her last game is February 5 and I bought us tickets to the Beauty and the Beast Broadway show that is coming to town that day, so she may have already played her last game.

Adam has his cross country banquet tonight, Jasmine has her EEG tomorrow and Jessica is getting one wisdom tooth pulled Thursday. That's our excitement for the week : ) 

If you didn't watch the girls' video in the last post, please go back and watch the first half. The second half is us talking.


One Crowded House said...

It was nice of the teacher to respond honestly- but still very frustrating that SHE was not doing her job thoroughly!

Kathy C. said...

Disappointing for Jasmine :(

Sarah said...

I'm glad that Jasmine did such a great job,and the teacher recognized how great of a job she did. However, her email leaves me with more questions than answers (and I'm sure you too). If her project was above that of a 6th grader, both visually and verbally, wouldn't you want that one to be in the fair? How were the ones that did get put into the fair choose? If it was randomly than that makes sense, but if she choose the best ones in the class (how it typically goes) than why wasn't Jasmine's choose?

This has to be discouraging and disappointing for Jasmine. To work so hard on something and not get it entered; especially, with such a positive end result.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I recently discovered your blog and enjoy reading it.
It's disappointing that Jasmine's teacher handled her history project so poorly; it's even more telling that the teacher wrote "should of" several times in her reply to you. "Should have" is the correct wording.

Anonymous said...

Hi- for the last week or more I have barely been able to read any of your blog. The background is much too dark so there is not enough contrast between the words and the background! I really want to know what you said!

Kathy C. said...

The blog is dark print on white. It may show up differently if you are viewing it on something other than a computer. But if you're on a computer, you shouldn't have problems with it.

Hevel said...

I was going to comment on a bunch of things, but when I saw the teacher using "should of" I just kind of lost it. Seriously, if a teacher doesn't know that there is no grammatical structure in ENglish like that what do you expect they teach your children?

Kathy C. said...

I was going to correct several errors in the e-mail before posting it, but that wouldn't have been a fair representation then.

I've noticed that "should of" is a common error on blogs and facebook.

Hevel said...

I agree "should of" is way too common in blogs, FB, chat speak, but I'd expect a teacher to not use it in official communication with a parent. Seriously, if these people educate the next generation, what do we expect?

Kathy C. said...

I'm just glad it was her world culture teacher not her language arts teacher :)