Thursday, January 31, 2013

Almost Through Another Week

Wow. This is my third post of the week. So if you haven't seen the last two, please go back. And if you're wondering where they boys' video is that I said I'd take later, well, later hasn't come yet. For some reason, the boys just aren't as excited about making a video.

Jasmine went to her EEG. We don't know the results. She has to go back next month. In the meantime, they want an MRI of her brain activity. Hopefully they will tell us something.

She's done with basketball. She did play Tuesday night, but as you know if you've been following along, we're going to Beauty and the Beast the night of her last game. It's only being performed once. She was sick and missed her game and team photo on Saturday. But she going to go when Kaleb's team is having pictures and have an individual picture taken. But she won't have a team photo. I did just order her band photo though.

While I'm on the subject of Jasmine, here is the judges sheet from her history fair project.

She got 105 out of 107 on one--she forgot to separate the primary and secondary sources; and 65 out of 65 on the other--the teacher's record of what she turned in.

A lady who went to all of the games took many photos and posted them for the parents.  Here are some of Adam. He did not play every game and when he did play, it was only for a few minutes. But he had fun with it.

 Adam went to his Cross Country banquet Monday night. A little late since it ended back in November or early December.

The panini press has gotten a lot of use lately with both the raisin bread  and cream cheese sandwiches and meat.

The caseworker for this child called Wednesday morning, but AGAIN our county demanded OTI paperwork, which no other county will send until they get the updated home study. But our county won't take the time to update us unless the other county sends that paperwork first. Meaning, we are never going to get a state child. So unless God intervenes, we are done.

This week we also received notification that Tyler's job corps program was canceled by the Labor Department due to government wide budget cuts. They may restart it in July. They may not. If we knew they wouldn't, we'd start him in our local tech school. But we'd rather do this program as it's free, they provide transportation and the kids get to live in a group home in locations across the U.S. Tyler would have been going to KY. I do not think they should have cut this program because these are at risk kids who are willing to go through training to get a job.

So this week has been a bit disappointing in many areas. But we press on because what else can you do? We have a home, we have food, we have children. For those things we are thankful.


One Crowded House said...

some weeks are just full of bad news and others are just lovely... such is life, huh?

We love paninis... there is just something about the little extra crispiness when the bread is pressed down and the contents smooshed together... yum!

Kathy C. said...

The kids are enjoying the paninis and I'm enjoying how easy they are!

I'm hoping we're due for some good news now!

Karen said...

Praying for Jasmine and her results. Okay, now I'm hungry, do you have extra? Blessings**