Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rest of the Weekend

Our children's director at church was cheering people on at the finish line Saturday morning, and she got pictures of my kids as they crossed the line. So here are some more pictures.


Tyler--he was cheering on the boy in front of him telling him not to let an old man (at 22?) pass him.
Entering the finish chute.

Church friends. Mrs. Ginger and Miss Crystal work with  1-5th graders, so Jasmine has graduated out of their group. But Jasmine and Mrs. Ginger have had a special friendship for many years.



Remember everyone was out on Saturday night (except the twins, Rick and I)? This is Jasmine after she got home from the college games.

Sunday after church the youth (6-12th grades) had a movie night until 10:00. They watched Ice Age 4 and had sno cones.

Then we went to the mall to wait for Jessica to be done at work. The mall closes at 6 on Sundays, but the theater is open. There was nothing appropriate for Jasmine to watch, so she watched a video on my computer and ate the left over popcorn. Jessica brings a bag like this home each weekend (you cannot imagine how much popcorn gets thrown out!) and the twins take it in their lunches all week.

11:00. Time to go home.

Monday morning Adam had soccer practice, and the rest of us went to the driving range. We  have only gone three times in the last four years, but I plan to take them more because it's only $2 a bucket total cost. Of course the kids go through them pretty fast, but it's still not as expensive as many things.

Kaleb didn't remember going before, but that's because the only time he's gone was the first summer he was home, '10. I think a couple of the kids have gone once since.

My lefty

Getting some help from dad.



Later some of us went to DQ. Adam was home from practice, but Jessica was at work.

I made the potato soup again, but I replaced the heavy whipping cream with half and half, and cut back the amount of cheese. I cut the amount of bacon in half too. It did have a little less taste, but it had a whole lot less calories and fat.

Warm peanut butter fudge made by Jessica and a Karen Kingsbury book. Perfect ending to the day!

Everyone is back to school today. Guess what? Jasmine has still not done her history fair presentation. She was all ready to do it last Tuesday, but so much time has passed that she just wants to get it over with. She did not even practice all week so it's not going to be a very smooth presentation.

That on top of the deal with having to do the book report over after working so hard on the first one has really discouraged her. Her first book report was so polished and ready, and then she had to sit in class and just write another one out spur of the moment.  I'm not thinking I'm a fan of that teacher!! She teaches the remedial language arts so it seems she'd look out for those kids a little better.

This morning started out with a child lying to me by telling me a job was done that wasn't done, not even started! The child knows that all that would haven happened if the truth was told is that the job would have had to be done during free time. But by lying, it became more complicated and he is going to have to have a loss of privileges. Blah. I thought we were past that.

Jessica is at Walmart getting dog food. Today she doesn't have to catch the trolley until 9:20 so she's also getting stuff to try a recipe we saw in the panini instruction book. It uses raisin cinnamon swirl bread, cream cheese, sugar and raisins. I hope it comes out as good as it sounds! 

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