Saturday, January 12, 2013


Today started with two basketball games.  Kaleb and Jasmine both played  at 11:00 at opposite ends of town. Jasmine made two baskets, so when we stopped to pick up Adam's cake, we got her cupcakes. We were going to get them anyway because they are Hunger Games cupcakes and they were half price mark downs. But we made up the excuse that they were for her two baskets :)
Ready to go to Adam's party. The family didn't go, but I went because I was both driving him and paying for it. Jessica was suppose to go but forgot to take off of work. So Jasmine went along to keep me company.

She was pretty wiped out after her game and then a two-mile run to  prepare for next Saturday's 5K so she rested once she was ready for the party.

Jayden doesn't need an excuse to take it easy. She's a cat. It's what she does.

We had his party at Genghis Grill. I thought it would be more interesting than  just going to Pizza Hut, but I think they would have been fine anywhere. They weren't all that impressed with choosing the ingredients and watching their food cook.

Jasmine and I sat at a little table across from them. No one needs his/her mother sitting right next to him/her at a party.

I had gotten Adam a cake not knowing that one of his friend's mom makes cakes and was making one for him. That one was better because she knows Adam and made it very personal for him. 

One friend got him Vans.

Another got him an expensive watch. When did kids start buying each other such expensive gifts? Some of the friends took up a collection and gave him a wad of cash.

My mom, sister and brother put money together and got him the most deluxe tracfone and a minutes card.

I didn't want him to guess what I got him, so I wrapped a 2.5 pound weight and put it in the bottom of a box that was bigger than needed for his present.

It was really an iPod touch (4th generation), and I think he was really surprised.
Jasmine got him Reese's, and Ty and Jessica both got him small gifts.
This is the cake I got him. I have no clue what that thing is on the side. It wasn't supposed to have anything around the edges because I was going to add soccer balls. When we saw the other cake that was so perfect for him, we decided to freeze this one, then scrape off the writing and whatever that thing is, and add a picture and use it for the twin's third coming home anniversary in a couple of weeks. They'll never know. I planned to do pizza and cupcakes like the last two years, but this will work out fine. Shhh. Don't tell!

The one thing I didn't do was get a picture of him and I together. I sent him and his friends off to the movies with an 11 p.m. curfew since he has to be up early for church tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Adam!!!
I wish you the best. Enjoy being 18!!!!!!!
From Rachel

Kathy C. said...

Thanks Rachel from Adam.

One Crowded House said...

well that looks like a really awesome party- and those gifts are way too fancy from friends- we must still be cheap skates up here in NC- cause usually the most expensive gift is a $20 gift card to somewhere :)

Kathy C. said...

Tanya--that's what I thought kids bought each other. Jasmine got a lot of gift cards last Feb at her party and I thought $20-25 was a lot for kids to give at her age. Things have changed.