Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's Cooking?

Last month Tyler made pulled pork using the McCormick slow cooker  seasoning pack using the recipe on the back. It came out so well that he tried the slow cook ribs this month.

They came out well too.

Jasmine made chicken helper this month.  They don't always have to make something from scratch. Realistically,  my boys could live on microwave hot pockets and burritos. I don't picture them cooking a whole meal from scratch. Not sure about the girls. The goal is that they can clean a house, grocery shop, cook something to survive on and be able to do laundry.

I let them do as much as they are able to safely do.

She chose broccoli as her vegetable.

Kaleb made broccoli soup using the recipe on the back  of   a family sized banquet meal in the frozen section.
Broccoli Soup
1 family size package banquet creamy broccoli and chicken over rice
5 slices of bacon chopped (we use bacon bits)
11 oz can of corn drained
28 oz chicken broth (we use bullion)

Slit film over banquet package and microwave 8 minutes.
While that's cooking, cook the bacon. Mix bacon, corn, broth and the banquet meal in a pot. Simmer ten minutes.

Jessica made chicken pot pie from a family sized package of Banquet turkey. I need to find the recipe card for it. The recipes on the back of the Banquet meals are fairly easy and they are good. At least the ones we've tried.

We made two pans full, but it goes a long way so we had lots of leftovers for those who worked during mealtime and needed something to heat up before or after work.

Jessica brings home large bags of popcorn on the nights she closes, and she made popcorn balls by adding marshmallows and Karo syrup. I posted this on an earlier post too, but this was the night she cooked.

So that's what they cooked in December.


One Crowded House said...

yum- I need to try the pulled pork seasoning packet- that sounds great.

Kathy C. said...

It's really easy too. They have the seasonings with recipes for stew, pot roast (we didn't care for that one, ribs, pulled pork, chicken etc.