Friday, January 11, 2013

Last Day of Being 17

Tomorrow he's 18. So I took a few pictures of his last day as 17.
We decided to make smoothies tonight instead of tomorrow morning.

Finally got his soccer picture. This is from back in November.

Tomorrow, his 18th birthday, he has to work out with his Marine Recruiter and the other guys from our area.  Then later in the day I'm taking him to Genghis Grill along with some of his friends. It's getting a little complicated though because I said I'd pay for him and eight friends. But there are some kids who won't come unless a certain other kid is coming and some who won't come if a certain kid is coming. Some of the friends coming invited other friends to come. I am going to let Adam sort all that out. I forgot how complicated it can be to be a teen!


One Crowded House said...

18. Wow. Time is flying! Happy Birthday!

megan said...

Happy Birthday Adam!