Saturday, February 2, 2013

Royalties are Lean

Writing for Christian publication isn't the way to become rich. Some years it's not even the way to buy tickets  to somewhere. Normally my royalties from the Christian Girl's Guides and the Just for Me books buy the annual tickets to Disney or Universal or wherever. (I make an average of 30-40 CENTS a book) I do plan to take everyone on a vacation while all the kids (except Jeff) are still home. But I'm going to do one of the vacations where they drop the price at the last minute.

My One-Year Devo book hasn't sold enough to pay back the royalties yet so I'm not sure what Tyndale royalties will look like. But Legacy royalties look really lean this year.

These two books didn't earn any royalties:

I really want this one to sell well because an editor back in '05 loved the idea, but she left and the publisher, who didn't love the idea, stalled on publishing it for years. Finally it was released, but it's not selling that well. I don't want him to be right.

It's a really nice book. Each chapter centers around a quiz--Are You for Real? How Honest are You? What Kind of Smart Are You? Are You a Follower or a Leader? and so on. There are 22 quizzes in all. Each quiz has stories, activities or crafts to go with it. It can be done alone, with a friend or it would be fun to do in a small group girls' Bible study, Sunday school class or missions group. It could be done as a home school character development project or even as a reward activity for getting work completed on time. 

This book is the newest Just for Me  and according to the royalty sheet, not one copy sold that was applied to royalties.   I don't like that there is an age group listed at the top of the book. The age is much too high. They took out any of the activities that were hard enough for a nine-year-old, unless it's a 9-year-old who doesn't read or comprehend well. Really the book is more for 5-8 or K-2nd grade.

This book would be good for children who have joined your family by adoption.  The book talks about why God made families, what's special about your family, how to get along better with siblings and parents, how to work together as a family, ways to have fun together and so on. Each chapter features a Bible family and an animal family that supports the main idea of the chapter. There are crafts, family games, puzzles and activities. It's really a fun book.

Please consider buying one or more of these books for your own girls, a neighbor girl, your Sunday school class, niece, grand daughter or a stranger on the street : ) If you have a local Christian bookstore, please check there first because they are really struggling.

There are reviews of all my books in past posts and the right side bar HERE

If you've read any of my books, please leave a comment with your thoughts. It's okay if there were things you didn't like about the book, but if you totally hated it...well, maybe don't share that :) 


Hevel said...

You know that for obvious reasons I won't buy your books, but I have looked at them and I think they are really great, especially because they are formed around multiple ways of learning and reinforcing learning.

I hope sales will pick up!

Kathy C. said...

Thank you Hevel. I think our economy is going to worse before better and people may not indulge in books for their kids.

Rose Anne said...

Kathy, I have a friend who works at our library here and she said they wanted to enlarge their christian kids sectionand I sugested your name so I hope they go forward with the buy..

Kathy C. said...

Thank you Rose Anne. Often a library won't carry the Legacy books because they have lines to write on, but in a library situations kids can't write in the book.

Hevel said...

Do you have a Facebook group for your books?

Kathy C. said...

No. I just have a girl's blog that features them.

Hevel said...

I think setting up an author page on FB would have a wider reach than just the blog alone. Just my 2 cents.