Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wild Hair

 Jasmine has had braids and beads in her hair since the very end of July. I rebraid them a few at a time and change the bead color every 3-4 weeks. But it was time to take out the braids. She doesn't like having me braid it, but she loves it once it is braided because she just has to moisturize it. No combing.
 She loves the bright ones.

 But sometimes we switch to white or black which go with everything.

 Taking braids out is a bit traumatic for Jasmine. (Are some of you nodding because you know exactly what I mean?)
 And this is what we have once the braids are out. Then she showers and uses about a gallon of conditioner and combs through her hair in the shower with the conditioner in. But she doesn't get it combed thoroughly so I do it again and apply pink lotion to the scalp.
There are always tears so she hold my, um, whatever this is, that plays wild thing. All done, but still a bit teary eyed.


Momto16 said...


Kathy C. said...

Thank you. And I know you understand about the hair. Simple braids or twists are all she'll let me do. I guess it's about all I know how to do. I can corn row a little, but not tight enough really.

One Crowded House said...

Doing a couple of braids at a time to freshen them up is a great idea. She is so cute.

Kathy C. said...

Thank you.

She doesn't tolerate a whole lot at once with her hair. One thing I should have said in the post is that she had a deep scar almost from ear to ear and then another at the base of her skull that make those areas very tender.

Christine said...

She is beautiful no matter what!

Kathy C. said...

Thank you