Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Kayla had her tonsils and adnoids out. She doesn't look nearly as happy now as she did here before surgery.  She's on the couch watching the Princess and the Frog. (Yes they asked me to prove I was the mom. No I do NOT carry paperwork proving she's mine anymore than you do for your children. Why wasn't this brought up in pre op last Friday?)

Adam left for Montgomery for testing and to swear in as a Marine reservist.

The school called. Kaleb ate all of his lunch on the bus except his apple.  They  let me know they were letting him live with his decision and only have the apple for lunch. YES! Progress. He also yelled out in music class disrupting it to the point where nothing was accomplished today. The star chart does NOT seem to be working for him. He wants to do what he wants to do and doesn't care what privileges he can have later at home.


Felicia said...

Do they have these extra classes scheduled at specific times? I would be tempted to go and sign him out for each class and have him sit in the car until class was done. They can't exclude him but you can. So frustrating that they can't find a way to ensure that his actions don't prevent the others from enjoying their activities. I am glad to hear that they decided to let him eat just the apple!

You will have two in the military, it is a good choice for them. I have a teen who is talking about joining but I am not sure if she will follow through.

Sarah said...

I posted a long comment, and something went wrong when I hit publish! So I'm going to try again...hopefully it wont post twice.

Up here in the PNW showing ID and showing who is related to who is a pretty standard procedure here. When I had my gallbladder taken out, I wanted my parents to be there and to take me home. I had to show that they were my parents (since I was claiming them to be). Even though I'm 28. When my mom had her heart surgery last month I had to prove I was her child (as she claimed) in order to take care of her in her hospital room. And my dad had to prove he was her husband (as she claimed) in order to take her out of the hospital.

When asked about it, they said that they have had a lot, lot or problems with people impersonating others and showing up with the patient having no idea either who they are, or the patient is in such a state that they have been manipulated by others.

It is annoying and an inconvienance; however, I can spare five minutes of my time if it is going to help someone else.It is truly sad that people have no problem taking advatage of others.

Kathy C. said...

Felicia--I wish they'd park him in the office during specials and make it very uncomfortable for him. By time he gets home, it's four hours past. Today when he went to ride the bus home, he found Dad waiting outside his room door and I don't think that's something he wants to repeat!

Kathy C. said...

Sarah--I had her insurance info with me listed as her mother and my ID but even if I had her adoption decree, there's no photo so it could be for anyone.

Sarah said...

Oh yeah. UW isn't that strict. They mainy want a picture ID and the insurance card, or a written statement, etc. Their main thing is picture ID.

Katie045 said...

I hope you and Kayla get some sleep tonight, tonsils out are no fun. Hopefully you'll have a calmer and happier day tomorrow.

Kathy C. said...

Thank you Katie.