Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Weekend (so far) Plus Haiti

Adam has decided to go into the Marine reserves. Rick and I had to sign the paperwork since he's only 17. But they wanted him to start right away. He'll go to a base a few hours away for testing and a physical next Tuesday and Wednesday. If all goes well, he will swear in on Wednesday.

Even though he's still in high school, he'll start training one weekend a month. After he graduates, he'll go to basic. The recruiter wants him to try for a ROTC full scholarship to college. If he gets that, he'll actually get out of the reserves for his college years. If not, he'll go to college but remain in the reserves. After college he'll go to officer school.

I hope this all works out for him. We've discussed that it could only take one thoughtless decision  or impulsive act to sabotage everything he's planned with the recruiter. The recruiter gave him the same talk. Adam is a good kid, but impulsive and goes along with things his friends' plans sometimes without thinking. He also has to retake the SAT or take the ACT, bring up his grades and work on pull ups. He is very fit, but can only do a few pull ups. The scholarship is very competitive and they look at physical condition (including pull ups) plus grades.

Jasmine had a game last night right after the recruiter left.  She plays at night so it's hard to get any pictures.

The middle school kids play on this huge adult sized field. This picture was taken this morning when they had it set up for two teams to play cross ways plus a practice section. But middle schoolers play the whole field! They are exhausted after their games. The older players actually play on a much smaller field than the middle school teams.

Kaleb was ready to go. And the weather was great. Unfortunately the game was moved an hour earlier but no one from our team was notified so we all showed up too late for the game. The kids were really disappointed.

A few weeks ago we sent money and pictures to an orphanage worker for the twin's birth dad. Since they'd located him last year for us, they were able to contact him and he came in right away.

We sent extra money to be used for the kids at the orphanage. The preschool class had just studied circles and made paper pizzas so they bought them real pizzas. How cool is that? It's nice to know that they've really improved living conditions at the orphanage since our kids were there. At that time the schooling wasn't regular or consistent and the kids mostly wandered around all day. Now they have planned activities and classes. 

Look at all those precious faces!


One Crowded House said...

that is so awesome that you can keep in contact with their birth father AND that the O used your money to really treat the kids!

Renee said...

Wow, exciting times for Adam. Praying!

Kaleb is so cute. So BIG!

Wonderful blessing to have contact with the birth dad.

Kathy C. said...

It is nice to be able to have contact with the dad. We plan to send money and photos each fall. It's a chance to remind the twins that the people of Haiti need help and they may want to return to Haiti as dr's or teachers someday. Also a chance to talk about him wanting more for them and being thankful for what we have.