Friday, October 26, 2012

This Week

It's been a crazy week with people coming and going to all sorts of activities and it's going to get crazy throughout this weekend. Here are a few of things I got pictures of.
I had to sign paperwork for Jasmine's testing at school so I took her lunch. Jessica went along. We had Sarku's terriyaki chicken with noodles. All three of us shared one serving because it's a generous portion.

We went to get her chocolate covered strawberries and they didn't have any ready, so we got a giant chocolate covered marshmallow. Can you tell they're sisters?

Adam made Fundamiddles cupcakes. There is cream filling in the middle.

Last night we had volcano tacos and watched I am Number Four. Jasmine is here too, but she was having Ramen noodles and didn't get in the picture.

Jasmine has an incentive trip to a bowling/skating/video game place and Cici's for lunch. The kids earn the right to go by good behavior and work turned in, but the parents paid for the trip : )

Jessica is dive supervisor today for the all-day springs dive. I saw the pictures of the springs and they look awesome. We will have to go as a family and check them out. Jessica is having a lot of sinus gunk problems this week and that's not going to help her scuba diving any. Pray it clears out quickly.

If you have a cat you can probably appreciate this!

Kaleb has had a really good week this week at school so I'm hoping that continues. Another child emptied most of the teacher's treasure box candy into her backpack--even after the teacher saw her with it and told her to put it back. The teacher said she told her, "I don't come to your house and take your stuff so don't take my stuff." The teacher thought that had ended it, but unfortunately we found 14 empty wrappers in pockets and the backpack. (The teacher hadn't told us about the incident or we might have caught her earlier before she ate it all). She was supposed to give the wrappers to her teacher and apologize but would not do that. The lack of remorse bothers me much more than the stealing itself. Also, the amount of candy that was taken and immediately consumed. Any child could be tempted to take a piece of candy, but 14? (Assuming we found all the wrappers)

I'm going to pick Jessica up at the college this afternoon and we're staying for some of the homecoming activities (food!) Jeff and Tyler are going to take the littles to a fall festival and trunk or treat at a local church. Then Jasmine has a soccer game later this evening.

Tomorrow Kaleb has soccer followed by our family picture. Let's hope neither soccer player takes a ball to the face. Adam has soccer practice today too so hoping the same for him. After the portraits, some of us are headed to watch the marching band competition. We don't have anyone marching, but I want the littles to see what they can do later, and Jessica used to march.

The fall festival at our church and Tyler's church are both Sunday afternoon/evening so we'll be church hopping.

Are the rest of you headed to fall festivals this weekend?

PS I have some exciting news about one of the children, but that child isn't going to announce it until Tuesday so I won't either.


Anonymous said...

sounds like an exciting week. Candy stealing incident sounds familiar. didn't you go through this with a couple of others???
Waiting for the big announcement.. I assume that is Jessica since she is one with the big secret. Guess it is probably not a wedding since haven't seen any spare guys in any of your pics.


Kathy C. said...

Yep. It's Jessi. Doesn't want to say until it's a done deal so we don't have to unannounce it if you know what I mean.