Monday, October 22, 2012

Very Random

Only two people have left random list. Come on guys, I know more of you have those thoughts going through your mind. Just spill it in the comment section.

I'm still going through my past posts and taking down book give aways that are long past, empty posts and posts with broken links. I think I have like 977 posts right now. I'm going to post 2008 pictures soon. But so many random thoughts are going through my mind right now I thought I'd just start typing them out and type out the first ten random thoughts that come into my mind. You'll see my mind is a jumbled mess. So here goes.

1. I wish Jessica would make those cupcakes with the cream in the middle. Adam made them Tues night.
2. I haven't been to the library in a long time. I need to get some of my favorite picture books to read to the twins. (I saw the post I'd made of the top 108 picture books) Went to the library Wednesday after having lunch with Jasmine at school.
3. I wonder if the boys are bringing me food from the banquet. Yes, they came in with a plate while I was typing this so Jessica probably won't make the cupcakes.
4. I want to watch Tangled but I need an excuse. Too bad everyone has so much homework. Okay, not Tangled, but going to Brave for the 5th time with a few of the children.
5. I hope Jasmine got a good grade on her oral book report. She got a 94%!!!
6. I can't wait until Adam's first soccer game.
7. The springs where Jessica is scuba diving Friday look amazing. We all need to go sometime.
8. I hope it doesn't rain the day we go to Discovery Cove.
9. I wonder what time Jeff will be here Wednesday. He's supposed to be in between 7&9 tonight.
10. What are the chances that everyone will cooperate for family pictures Saturday?

11--When in the world is my knee ever going to heal?????

Okay, so that's just a little of what is running through my mind while I really should be working on an article assignment I need to finish. Sending it today--7 days early! Hope it's what he had in mind or I'll be starting over!

Your turn. Don't think too hard about it. Just type out the first ten things that come into your mind.


DragonRider said...

1. I wish people would be quite.
2. Certian people need to be more commpassionate.
3. Need water but don't want to get up and get it.
4. Can't wait till pay day.
5. I don't want to do my homework. (hences this procrastination)
6. I have so much paper work to get turn in for the dive on Fri.
7. I hope I don't kick a scuba tank agian.
8. Life is like a bunch of active gurnades.
9. Can I start the last few days over.
10. I have to face the person I got into a yelling match with tomorrow. Hope that goes ok.

Felicia said...

1. I am wondering where that tropical island is we are supposed to escape to.
2. I should be cleaning house or school work and instead am surfing the web.
3. I will be curious to see if all your kids cooperate for the pictures.
4. I am cold and it would be nice if my heater was working.
5. I may just go to bed early tonight and snuggle in my blankets.

Kathy C. said...

The AC guy who fixed it twice in the last two months came back today and it was the exact same piece that had burnt again so we do not know what's going on. But he replaced it at no cost so we have AC again. Hope we don't need heat too soon. I love when we don't need either and the electric bill is lower.

Kathy C. said...

Maybe Trinidad/Tobogo or Barbados? Big enough no one can find us???

Kathy C. said...

Jessi--Can't wait until your pay day either : )

Please don't damage any body parts until after the family portrait Saturday.

One Crowded House said...

Yes! Everyone will cooperate for the pictures......... :)

Kathy C. said...

Bribing them with food court food. Let's hope there are no soccer injuries to the face Friday night or Saturday morning.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Hilarious and random....sounds like my brain most days......and well my add is crazy sometimes :)

Momto16 said...

1. I wish that you would go to discovery cove with me. When are you going? Fb msg me! :)
2. I wonder if I should let the,kids stay up and watch a movie or if they will be grouchy tomorrow.
3. I am thinking about sleep or lack there of and wishing I had a magical way to get Izzy and Jude to sleep in their own beds.
4. I wish I got more laundry done today
5. Maybe someone will give me a footrub if I pay
6. I am so tired
7. Grace has lots of homework
8. I am glad my, living room is clean
9. Its cold
10. Zzzzzzzz

Christine said...

1. Can't wait to take my next hot shower.
2. Pumped up about going walking tomorrow morning.
3. Would like to watch Precious.
4. I wonder where to go for our 20th weding anniversary in 2013!

Kathy C. said...

Funny what's on our minds. And a lot is similar. Christine--it will be our 25th and I'm wondering if we'll even have money to go anywhere!! Probably will be more low key than I'd hoped. Our vehicles seem to get our money.

Rose Anne said...

I wish my neice learned as easy as my son!
Iwish I wasn't so impaitient with her!
I wonder if I get this job if the kids will get the bookwork done properly?
I could use a big bowl of ice cream right now!
I love that the kids both got new books to read!
Happy that our friend from Chicago came to town and spent almost a week with us and we had an early Thanksgiving dinner with her///
Thankful because she was generous to leave Christmas gifts wrapped for the 2 kids!( she is always doing that)

Kathy C. said...

Early Thanksgiving sounds fun!

Hevel said...

1. How can anyone think Romney is the lesser of two evils, when he is a hate-filled, ignorant, spoiled opportunist?
2.Thank G-d I'm no longer an American citizen, the upcoming elections would leave me without a candidate. Choosing between two right wing Christians with slightly different rhetoric is just not doing it.
3. Why is the American elections the leading news on the 9 a.m. news? And why is there but apassing comment on rockets fired from Gaza?
4. Woohoo, I understood the news in Hebrew!
5. No, I'm not a fan on the UN either, though I do like the UNESCO and UNICEF.
6. Cofffffffffeeeeeeeeee!
7. I really can't choose from your photos, they are kinda the same level of bestness. I think not having an emotional connection to the photos makes it harder to pick from them.
8. Seriously, more US elections news?
9. Ah, a preview of Festigal! I can't wait and see the hottest and most popular stars in weird costims, singing silly songs for NIS 69/person.
10. Aw, cute, a toy store is building a Lego Chanukiyah! They will be ready just in time for Chanukah! Another thing to add to our activities.

Kathy C. said...

Havel--A Lego Chanukiyah? Now that would be awesome. I'd like to find a nativity where Mary, Joseph and Jesus actually looked Jewish, not white.

I will be glad when elections are over.

Kathy C. said...

PS You're right about the emotional connections to the pictures. Like the one of Adam, #2 I think, may not look cute or anything but it was a time when our whole family visited the orphanage in Haiti and he demonstrated a lot of compassion and cooperation.

Kathy C. said...

*Hevel* not *Havel* just can't always type!