Friday, October 12, 2012

Just Stuff

As you can tell from the last two posts, we went to Disney last weekend. It was pretty good except Jasmine started throwing up the first night and it continued through the rest of the trip. She and I stayed at the hotel most of Saturday and then went into some shows at Hollywood Studios later. Sunday we went to Epcot for a few hours and then drove home. We have the Florida resident passes and they run out next month.

The Disney part itself was fun, but we have been dealing with lots of issues with the twins lately. I've made a daily chart listing the positive things we need to see (being honest instead of lying, not stealing, only touching in appropriate ways, doing homework etc) and putting stars when they do those things, because sometimes as moms we overreact or see only the negative when we're tired. Unfortunately the charts shows me what I thought. They are not-at this time-making much effort at all to behave in positive ways. Perhaps seeing it on paper will help them see the patterns of behavior they have formed. The special area teachers are having trouble even teaching due to the behaviors in PE, music and art.  The paper also lists the privileges available for the week. For this week it is Wii, nightly short DVD, Sunday school skate party, and Brave at the mall theater (where Jessica works). None of these have been earned. There are of course other things that are unconditional, but these are the extras that require the right behaviors.

Jasmine missed two days of school due to the vomiting, sore throat and headache. I don't know if she'll be able to play soccer tonight. She stayed at school all day yesterday but was wiped out when she got home.

Yesterday I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy. That was not much fun. A day of soft diet, a day of liquids (Tyler and Jessica on their own decided they were going to do that with me and they did!) and the yucky stuff you have to drink to clean everything out. I didn't do too well at drinking the stuff and started vomiting about 1/4 way into the gallon and gave up. But it was enough that I was well prepped. 

For some reason I thought I was going to hop right up and walk out of there and go on with normal life. Not so. I was really cramped up all last night. But the dr said it's the best looking colon she's seen in a while. So that was good news. I only had to do it because I'm 50 and it's a normal preventative procedure. She did the other scope because I've had reflux for many years and she wanted to check that there was no damage. There wasn't.

Adam went and talked to a marine recruiter. They want him to join the reserves while he goes to college and then enlist active duty after he gets his college degree. Rick was enlisted and so is Jeff so Adam will be our first officer unless Jessica goes into the navy with her scuba program after graduation. Rick and I will be signing paperwork tonight since Adam is only 17. He could wait a couple of months and sign for himself but they want to put him in for ROTC scholarships and do some other things now.

This is a little hard on Tyler who was turned down due to his aspergers. He is going to talk to the Job Corps people in Tallahassee next week. I hope that works out for him.

Kayla pre ops today for having her tonsils and adnoids out next week. We are hoping this lessens her snoring. We were all blessed with the snoring at the hotel this weekend.

So this week has mostly been appointments and business. Next week is Kayla's surgery, Tyler's job corps meeting and Jeff will be going to DC to run with the army team-mile team. It's also Jasmine's school's fall festival a week from tomorrow.

What's ahead for you?


megan said...

Josh has a girlfriend now. She's a sophomore and plays trumpet too. Nice girl we're having her over tonight for pizza and Mexican Train. We have regionals this Saturday in Chesterton. Is Job Corps like Vocational Rehab? Josh is going to sign up for that and they're going to see what programs he qualifies for. He's thinking about going to Ivy Tech next year and they can provide tutors and other resources to help him. I'm thinking that might also be a direction Tyler could check out.

Kathy C. said...

Job Corps is a one-year live in training program. Plus you get an allowance during that time. It would be perfect for Ty.

One Crowded House said...

I need to be better about pointing out the good aspects of my kids instead of just getting on them when they misbehave- I like your chart idea.

We have taekwondo testing for Jeff and 7 of the kids this weekend (Taylor and I aren't doing it). They are hoping they will move up to yellow belts. We will see how crappy things turn if some of them don't make it ;)

Kathy C. said...

That could get interesting if some are more competitive by nature but don't make it....

Felicia said...

So far, we have an adoption worker visit, soccer games times 2 times 4 kids, medical visits for some of us (our medicals have expired for our homestudy) and lots of studying and tests.

Kathy C. said...

We have one soccer game down and two to go. Jasmine practices M&T and plays Friday nights. Kaleb practices Monday nights and plays Saturday mornings.

Lots of homework here too. Need to get Jasmine going on an oral project due Thurs. She is making a diorama to go with it.

Jeanne Fitzgerald said...

Hello Kathy,
I'm reading through your very interesting blog and have now reached 2012 and your colonoscopy. My brother has had a number of colonoscopies and gave me excellent advice before my first one. He said that there are pills you can take to substitute for the gallon of liquid prep. You still have to drink a lot of water with the pills, but it's easier than drinking the prep. You have to pay extra for the pills--when I did it, the pills cost about $30, well worth it to me. Just ask the doctor or the nurse who sets you up for the procedure, and they will write you a prescription for the pills. I know you probably won't be doing this again for a number of years, but when you do have to, you will remember this, and you can ask for those pills.
I have learned so much from your blog so far, and I will write you another comment when I get up to the present. I have a grandson with Asperger's, so I'm particularly interested in your son Tyler, but you describe everyone so well, I feel that I know them all. I came to your blog from Smiles and Trials.